Nadi Leaves & its significance

The Nadi leaves related to Nadi Astrology are inscribed in Sanskrit, the language used in all ancient Indian arts and sciences. The Mharaja Serfoji 11 of Tanjore, a true patron of art and sciences, stored these palm leaves in his palace library.

He had them translated into Tamil. The British acquired possession of this Nadi Astrology associated with leaves during their rule and later sold them to some families, which still own them. They have been carefully preserved, waiting their moment of rendezvous with the intended recipients.

The most important aspects of this Naadi Astrology are the remedies involving rituals at temples for transmuting difficult karmas created in a past life, which may be affecting this incarnation.

In the Nadi astrology system, with just a thumbprint, the astrologer can identify your Nadi leaf containing your destiny, previous incarnations, and how to remove negative karma. The Nadi readings will accelerate the process of burning your karma and can completely alter the course of destiny according to many.
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Features of Nadi Astrology
According to Nadi Astrology, it is not enough for you to know your destiny, whether it is good or bad. One important step is the ability to change and reconstruct it as you wish to have it.

Where to Get a Nadi Astrology Reading
You can find your Nadi leaf related to Nadi Astrology through two means: (1) Come to India in person or (2) Use efficient mail-order service. It is most beneficial to come to India and personally perform the remedies that the Nadi Astrology author prescribes for you. You are the best one to clean your own mess!

However, if you cannot travel to India at this point of time, you can receive your Naadi Astrology reading through the mail (or e-mail). You may fill out a questionnaire and return it to us along with your thumbprint as a part of Nadi Astrology. That way first your Nadi leaf will be located, which contains your first chapter or general chapter reading –it identifies you, your parents and spouse by name, number or siblings, profession or religion etc., associated with Naadi Astrology. Naadi Astrology lesson will include general predictions for the remainder of your future. Then you can locate your two remedial chapters (13 and 14), which will prescribe the exact rituals to be performed that will erase the balance of your past-life sins, allow you to end the current suffering and achieve your highest potential in the future under Naadi Astrology. Subsequently, you can request additional chapter readings on specific areas of Naadi Astrology. Which you wish to learn about such as jobs, business, family, marriage, relationship, health/medical issues etc., related to Naadi Astrology.

Significance of Naadi astrology
Naadi Astrology has tremendous significance. In this, there are twelve chapters (parts) related to Naadi Astrology. The first chapter contains the native’s name, parent’s name, and present details of profession, brothers, sisters, children spouse and a gist of future predictions for all the twelve bhavas. There is also a poetic description of the planetary positions in the native’s horoscope attached with Naadi Astrology. The other chapters deal meticulously every aspect of your life. For example, the fifth chapter deals with children, their birth, death, reasons for not having children, adoption, future life of the children, remedial measures etc., under Naadi Astrology. The seventh chapter indicates the time of marriage name ascendant and the planetary positions of the horoscope of the spouse and life after marriage associated with Naadi Astrology. Chapters 2 to 12 will give the future predictions up to the end of the life from the date of the perusal of that chapter associated with Naadi Astrology. There are four more chapters- Chapter 13 and 14 deals with the previous birth and the sins committed therein under associated with Naadi Astrology. Remedial measures are also given for getting rid of the effect of the sins of the past birth associated with Naadi Astrology. Chapter 15 prescribes the medicines and methods of consumption for chronic diseases mentioned in associated with Naadi Astrology. The 16th chapter gives predictions for the current dasa and bhukti periods in detail about Naadi Astrology. In addition to these; there is also a special chapter for "prasna" in Naadi Astrology, where any question is answered. All these were written hundreds of years ago by our Maharishis and found in Naadi Astrology

Therefore, conclusively, it can be stated that the importance of Naadi astrology is very high. Naadi Astrology is all the more popular in the present age than one can think of. Naadi Astrology gives you a complete glimpse of the over all personality. Naadi Astrology is based on scientific interpretation. That is why a large number of people are trying their luck in this field of Naadi Astrology and getting success. For all practical reasons, Naadi Astrology is beneficial. Needless to say, Naadi Astrology is earning popularity in every passing day. The more you learn Naadi Astrology the better, you will enrich yourself with Naadi Astrology. This is not confined to any specific place in India. One can see Naadi Astrology more or less everywhere in the popular places of India. Finally, Naadi Astrology is the solution of all kinds of ills and has become truly global phenomena.



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