Natives of Gemini Sign are Art Lovers


Gemini is the third Zodiac sign. It is a male sign. Lord Vishnu and Mercury are the lords of Gemini.

Gemini owns the west direction. Rahu is exalted and Ketu is debilitated in this sign. The air element is prominent in this sign.

People born in this sign are very optimistic. Adverse situations and difficulties of life do not scare them. They face every hardship with courage. Natives of Gemini are humane and work for social causes. They are often associated with institutions that work for social welfare.

People born in Gemini have instability in their behavior. They are not steady and have many thoughts running in their mind continuously. They have an unstable nature, but try to fulfill their responsibilities sincerely. They have the caliber to accomplish tasks quickly. Natives of Gemini go exactly as per their plans to accomplish their tasks.

Natives of Gemini are art-lovers and creative. They love writing, and can be popular authors. They are also good orators and have the ability to attract people. They are very analytical persons and do not accept any fact easily, without an appropriate proof.

Natives of Gemini have a strong desire for material comforts. They wish to live a luxurious life. But they may have to face difficulties in earning all such material comforts, if the planetary position is not auspicious for them.
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They should choose the academic field associated with mathematics, commerce, journalism, company secretary, nuclear energy, printing, finance management, geography or communication technology. Professional sectors like teaching, advocacy, publishing, transport, postal department, writing, poetry, acting or fine arts are benefic for them.

They may fall prey to diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis, influenza or throat infections, so they need to be really careful.



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