Remedies in the Vedic Jyotish


The third section of Vedic Jyotish, called Remedial astrology deals with the removal of ill effects of the planets.

Vedic Jyotish is divided into three sections. The first section deals with the calculation of planetary positions, dashas etc., the second section deals with predictions and the third section, called Remedial astrology deals with the removal of ill effects of the planets.

Remedies through Gemstones:
There are certain gems and sub-gems that have the power to remove the the ill effects of the planets. But it is quite difficult to find real gems. The market is full of fake goods and gems too are mostly found fake.

In such a  situation people who lack adequate information often purchase fake gems. As a consequence, they fail to get the expected results. The impact of the fake gems also renders color therapy, stone therapy etc. useless. Even if someone gets a real gem, its impact only lasts in its own Vimshottari-Mahadsha, or Antardasha.

Some jewelers make lab-tested real gems available with a guarantee. Make sure that you only buy the real gems.

Remedies through Yantras:
Yantra is prepared by invoking certain deity, and engraving its Mantra on paper, or silver or copper. Yantra is considered the physical form of Mantras. This yantra has to be sanctified at an auspicious Muhurtha to make it effective. Then the Yantra has to be activated by chanting the mantra of the deity before it.

This activated Yantra can now be carried by the believer, placed in a puja-room, or worn as a tabiz (necklace). The Yantra is effective when the wearer has full faith in it, and wears it with pure intentions, and dedication. It is not effective for those who do not have faith.
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Remedy through fasting:
Fasting has a traditional significance in India. Girls often keep a fast before they are married in the hope that they will be married to a good person. Sometimes, people also keep a fast to get rich. Such fasts usually span 16 to 23 weeks. For a good match, the fast has to be kept on Thursdays. For riches, the fast should be kept on Fridays.

The fast should be continued till the 16th or the 21st week. After the 16th or the 21st week, the fast can be discontinued.

Remedy through (Japas) recitation of mantras:
Chanting of Mantras can be done to reduce the ill-effects of a planet. The Mantras have to be chanted according to specific rules, in specific number and in a specific manner. Mantras are  categorized into Vedic, Puranic, Worldly, Tantrik and Sabar mantras.

Different type of malas (ringlets) are used for different mantras. For Vaishnav mantras - Tulsi; Shiv mantras - Rudraksh, and for Laxmi mantras - Kamalgatta beads are used.

When you chant mantras desiring a specific result, you may have it do it for a certain number of days, and a certain number of times according to the result desired. Mantras chanted with a pure and a faithful mind yield results immediately.

The importance of Yagna in the Vedic Jyotish:
This technique is prescribed in the scriptures. There were several yaznas like Ashwamegha, Rajsuya, and Mahamrityunjaya performed in the ancient times. It is believed even today that if they are performed properly one will get desired results.



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