Lucky Gemstones - Ruby and Coral


Gems are beautiful heavy density stones. Gemstones are found in various colors. These stones are also known as gems due to their miraculous qualities. These stones are also known as 'Navratnas' as they are associated with 'Navgraha'. Gemstones are huge in number but Indian Astrologers recognize only 84 of them.

Characteristics of Ruby
Rubies are usually red in color, but they are also found in various other colors such as pink, black and blue. It is a very hard stone. An authentic Ruby reflects red color when observed in sun light. It gives its spectrum even when dipped in milk or kept in a dark room. You may observe scratches on the surface of Ruby when rubbed against a hard surface, but its weight remains unchanged.

Benefits of Wearing Ruby
Ruby is also known as the gem of love. It increases pleasure and vanishes away all disappointments of life. According to Vedic astrology, Ruby helps to get relief from problems due to spirits. Auspicious influence of Ruby will give you a sound economic status and a pleasurable parenthood.

Astrologers says that the reflection of Ruby gets dimmed if you are under the influence of any inauspicious spirit. Ruby starts giving its full spectrum again when the influence of inauspicious spirit gets vanished away. People also claim that, Ruby has the potential to reduce poisonous effect of intoxicated things and reflection of Ruby gets dimmed when kept near any poisonous object.

Characteristics of Coral
Generally Coral is a red colored stone, but is also found in pink, black and golden colors. It is said that the Red Coral is very favorable for women. Coral is considered as one of the most auspicious stones. In the ancient Roman civilization people used to wear Coral as ornaments or amulet because Coral increases bravery and courage in the native.

Benefits of Wearing Coral
According to Vedic astrology, wearing Coral is very favorable and beneficial for married women. If someone gets nightmares or gets frightened due to inauspicious spirits then Coral may reduce such troubles. Ill-effect of Mars in the birth-chart can also be reduced through Coral.

It is believed that Coral begins to change its color when the person wearing it fells ill, but it resumes its original color after the recovery. It is mentioned in Buddhist scripts that Coral helps in reducing mental stress, and has the potential to increase cognitive capacity of the person. The amulet of Coral helps in reducing excessive bleeding.
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