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According to Vedic Astrology, the nature of a person depends on his/her birth Tithi, Vaar, Karan, Rashi and Yogas. Here we are discussing about the influence of Yogas on the native's nature.

When we talk about the nature of a person we just look at his external personality. However, in reality it is a contribution of various elements. Let us see how the yoga in which you are born influences your behavior.

Vish Kumbha Yoga
Vishkumbha yoga is considered as an inauspicious yoga in Vedic Astrology, but a person born in Vishkumbha yoga will be fortunate and enriched with good qualities. He will never face economic problems and will get all the material pleasures in his life. He will have an influential personality. He will have many friends in his life. He will also be very intelligent and virtuous.

Preeti Yoga
Preeti Yoga is very auspicious. A person born in this yoga will be very enthusiastic and lively. He will be very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. This person will also be a beauty-lover. He will be attracted towards opposite sex. Natives of this yoga are also very clever and know how to manipulate things in their favor.

Ayushman Yoga
Persons born in Ayushman Yoga will be blessed with longevity. They also love poetry and music. They are wealthy and powerful, and can defeat their enemies.

Saubhagya Yoga
A person born in Saubhagya Yoga will be fortunate. He will be very lucky, talented and enriched with good qualities. He will get respect for his qualities. He will also have great interest for opposite sex. He gets attracted to beautiful women or handsome men.

Shobhan Yoga
A person of Shobhan Yoga will have good and attractive appearance. He fulfills his tasks with complete perseverance. He will get a beautiful and virtuous wife. His children will obey him and he will get happiness from them. He also likes to perform in war.

Atigand Yoga
Atigand yoga is considered as one of the malefic Yogas in Vedic Astrology. It is said that a person born in Atigand Yoga causes harm to his family values and respect. His mother also bears problems and difficulties. The person may also become a criminal if he is born during the Gandant Yoga in the Atigand Yoga.

Sukarma Yoga
A person of Sukarma Yoga is very generous and believes in spirituality. His nature is calm and composed. He has love and affection for all. He is virtuous and gets respect in the society. He lives a luxurious life.

Dhriti Yoga
A person born in tDhriti Yoga is very patient and calm in nature. He is not aggressive and takes wise decisions in life. He is physically fit and lives a healthy life. He is a virtuous and intelligent person. He lives a happy and wealthy life.

Shool Yoga
According to Vedic Astrology, persons born in Shool Yoga will be spiritual in nature. They take keen interest in mythological studies and are very knowledgeable. They also know how to perform Yajnas. They are good in money savings. However, they bear problems and pain in life.

A native of this yoga faces various difficulties in life. He faces many health related problems. He will also be short in height and have large head. He will be a powerful person. He is also stubborn in nature and sticks to their decisions.
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Vridhi Yoga
A person born in Vridhi Yoga will be good in appearance and nature. He will be rich and virtuous. His son and wife will also be good in nature. He will be enriched with courage and power. He will enjoy all material pleasures in his life.

Dhruv Yoga
A person born in Dhruv Yoga will be have a stable mind. He completely concentrates on his work. He will be strong and wealthy. He gets love from all and has a long life.

Vyaghyat Yoga
A person born in Vyaghyat Yoga will be sincere in his work. He will be virtuous. He will get respect and honor in the society. He becomes a renowned personality due to his innate qualities.

Harshan Yoga
Harshan Yoga is considered as an auspicious Yoga. A person born in Harshan Yoga will be fortunate. He will have knowledge of different subjects. He will be an expert of Shatras. He sticks to his decisions. He is wealthy and gets respect from famous personalities of the society.

Vajra Yoga
A person will be strong and powerful as Vajra if he is born in the Vajra Yoga. He has incredible power in his hands. He is perfect in different kinds of arts and is also an expert in using weapons. Generally he never faces financial loss in his life. He is also very brave and courageous.

Siddha Yoga
A person born in Siddha Yoga is an all rounder. He is perfect in almost every work. He performs all his tasks with dedication and sincerity. He has good appearance and enjoys blissful life. He is always ready to help others. He also contributes to charities for poor and helpless. He may face some health related problems and difficulties in his life.

Vyatipat Yoga
According to Vedic Astrology, a person born in Vyatipat Yoga faces many problems in his childhood. As he grows all his sorrows turn into happiness. In adolescence he enjoys a blissful life and gains fame.

Variyan Yoga
A person born in Variyan Yoga will have interests in music, dance and different types of arts. He will achieve success if he makes a career in these fields. He will achieve success in scripture arts. He will be strong and powerful. He also sticks to his decisions.

Paridh Yoga
A person born in Paridh Yoga is intelligent and knowledgeable. He has delicacy in his voice. He makes his family proud, with his good deeds and qualities. He lives a luxurious life.

Shiv Yoga
A person born in Shiv Yoga is intelligent and loves to help others. He is not self-centered and he abandons his desires for others. He is an honest and kind-hearted person. He gets respect and honor in the society because of his simple nature.

Siddha Yoga
According to Vedic Astrology, a person born in Siddha Yoga has interests in secret arts and worships them. His wife will also be beautiful and virtuous. He will be a rich and well-to-do person.

Sadhya Yoga
A person born in Sadhya Yoga is a very strong decision-maker and he sticks to his decisions. He concentrates on his work and performs efficiently to achieve success in his work. He complete his tasks with patience and avoids hastiness in his life.

Shubh Yoga
As its name suggests, Shubh Yoga is very auspicious. A person born in this yoga will have a good appearance. He will also be very intelligent, knowledgeable and wealthy. He is generous and donates to charities. He serves and gives respect to Brahmans.

Shukla Yoga
Persons born in Shukla Yoga can perform various types of arts. They have interests in poetry and can be good poets as well. They are very knowledgeable, brave and courageous. They also have sound financial status. They can win the hearts of all with their affectionate nature and behavior.

Brahma Yoga
A person born in Brahma Yoga is well-informed. He has knowledge of various subjects and Vedas. He is also very good in different types of arts. He is a kind-hearted person and also has faith in God.

Aindra Yoga
According to Vedic Astrology, a native of Aindra Yoga will be wealthy, virtuous and fortunate. He will be rich and enjoy all material pleasure in his life. He will have many good qualities. But a native of Aindra Yoga may not have a long life.

Vaidhiriti Yoga
According to Vedic Astrology, a person born in Vaidhiriti Yoga is very enthusiastic and energetic in his work. He is very hard working and assiduous. He is always ready to help others. But he himself does not get respect, honor and love from his own people.



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