Malefic Planets in the Married Life


When a man and woman enter into wedlock, they have many dreams and expectations. However, sometimes planetary positions in the birth chart upset the peace and happiness of marital life. Husband and wife do not understand the reason of conflicts among them. All their dreams shatter into pieces.

Planets can influence marital bliss to a great extent. According to Vedic Astrology, the seventh house is the house of marriage and spouse. The effects of malefic planets on this house can cause delay in marriage or may affect the love and affection in the married life. There are some other planet Yogas as well which can create obstacles in the married life.
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According to Vedic Astrology, if the lord of the seventh house is in the fifth or the ninth house in the birth-chart of a girl or a boy, then their married life may not be very successful. This situation when arises in anyone's birth-chart, he may have conflicts with his life-partner. They may get separated from each other. The situation for the second marriage of spouse may also arise. Similarly, if the lord of the seventh house is combined with any enemy Nakshatra, then it may become a cause of trouble in the married life.
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If the position of planets is weak and there is a combination of Mars and Venus in the birth-chart, then marital life may be very stressful and problematic. According to Vedic Astrology, if the position of planet is weak during Mahadasha of Venus, the husband and wife may not share a harmonious relationship with each other. If Mars, Ketu and exalted Venus are in the Kendra house, the couple may not be compatible with each other. In this house if there is a placement of its own sign or exalted planet, then the person will marry someone against his/her wishes. Placement of Saturn and Rahu in the seventh house is also not considered auspicious for the married life, because both are malefic planets and they increase the possibilities of second marriage.

Placement of the seventh lord in the eighth or sixth house creates differences between husband and wife, and they may even get separated because of this position of planets. This yoga can also create a situation for extra marital affairs. Therefore, husband and wife should respect and be devoted to each other. If more than one auspicious planets are present in the seventh house or in the Ascendant or more than two benefic planets are aspecting on this house, then it can be very painful for the spouse. Their married life can be very difficult to sustain.

If the lord of the seventh house is in conjunction with many planets in any house, and if the malefic planet is placed in its 2nd or 12th house and if the malefic planet aspects the seventh house, the married life may not be very successful. The placement of Venus in the 4th house reduces the happiness of married life. Similarly, if the seventh lord is in the seventh house or debilitated, then it may affect the happiness of the married life.



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