Natives of Chitra Nakshatra live a Happy and Prosperous life


Chitra Nakshatra
is considered as an auspicious nakshatra. Chitra is the 14th Nakshatra in the constellation. Mars is the lord of this Nakshatra. Two phases of this Nakshatra lie in Virgo while other two lie in Libra. According to Astrology, black is the color of this Nakshatra.

Those born in the Chitra Nakshatra are influenced by Mars and its signs. Let us discuss the nature, personality and behavior of the natives of this Nakshatra and the influence of Mars and Rahu.

According to Astrology, the natives of Chitra Nakshatra are very friendly and love to socialize with others. They greet everyone warmly and sweetly. They are very energetic and courageous. They never step back from any work assigned to them, and do it with efficiency and hard-work. They do not lose hope in tough situations and fight against all obstacles with courage and move ahead in life.

Those born in Chitra Nakshatra are practical. Due to this realistic nature they move ahead on the way to success. They do not leave anything for tomorrow and try to accomplish all their tasks as soon as possible. Their humane qualities reflect in their behavior and personality. Due to which, they get respect and honor in the society. One of the characteristics of their personality is that they are short-tempered and get angry very soon, even on petty issues. It will be favorable for them if they show some patience in their work.
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Those born in this Nakshatra prefer business over job. Their sharp intellect helps them achieve success in their business. The natives of this Nakshatra are proficient in the art of speaking. They can become successful lawyers. Astrologers believe that hard-work is the key asset of the natives of this Nakshatra. If they are assigned any job they will not leave it unfinished.

Natives of Chitra Nakshatra are optimistic. It is their strength as well as their weakness. That is the reason they do not get disappointed easily in life. They never experience shortage of material comforts in their life. They are very rich and have all kinds of worldly and material pleasures. They like to save money and also have their own vehicle.

They have a happy and prosperous family life. They get desired support and happiness from their spouse. They are also lucky in matters of children. They have understanding and intelligent children, who are also very successful due to their qualities. Relatives and friends of the natives of Chitra Nakshatra are very cooperative and supportive. Hence, persons born in this Nakshatra lead a happy and prosperous life in totality.



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  1. 07 November, 2017 08:16:59 PM Angel joseph

    My bf nakastra is chitira .i am rohini nakastra .my bf is in date will other girl.will he come back to me soon

  2. 09 April, 2016 06:10:47 PM VIJAYALASHMI

    Hi,iam vijayalakshmi iam facing so many problems in life & in born in aug-29-1987 @ 05:45AM.pls know about my self

  3. 27 November, 2015 02:23:30 PM lakshmi priya

    sir me lakshmi we are twins we prayd a lot but y delay marriage really fed up nt expecting anything but still we are nt getting proper matching horoscope we are nt able to managing our surrounding peoples(relative)to come out of this we are doing yoga & meditation .but too as a girl i cant manage people

  4. 27 November, 2015 02:18:01 PM lakshmi priya

    we are chitra natchathira female our age is 29 nt yet married y wt is the reason we are in need

  5. 07 April, 2015 07:32:50 PM Anamika

    I have read in many places lot of bad things for Chitra natives especially when it comes to spouse and children. Is it true?

  6. 01 March, 2015 11:07:40 PM Preeti koul

    I am going through many problems in my life and nt at all happy, my dob is 12 sept 1980, 6:05 pm, jammu plz help