Yoniphal and Its Influence


It has been mentioned in scriptures of mythology that there are 84 lakh Yonis or creatures in the whole Universe. Manushya is the middle Yoni among all kinds of Yonis. According to Astrology even if we take birth in Manushya Yoni the birth-Nakshatra will always have an influence of on us. Our birth-Nakshatra also influences our nature, character and personality.

Let us know what influence each Yoni will have on our personality and behavior:

1. Ashav Yoni:
Astrology says that those born in Ashav Yoni follow their heart. They do not listen to others and only listen to the voice of their heart. People born in Ashav Yoni are very talented, brave and courageous. They are lively and can influence others very easily. They earn widespread fame and respect. There may have a hoarse voice.

2. Gaj Yoni:
Those born in Gaj Yoni are brave and powerful. They are also very enthusiastic and have all kinds of material pleasures in their life. They will be respected and honored by people of high station and eminence.

3. Gau Yoni :
According to Astrology, natives of Gau Yoni are very enthusiastic and Optimistic. They do not get upset on small issues and always move ahead in life. The natives of Gau Yoni have the ability to win hearts of others through their words. They are very committed to their job and will never shirk from hard-work. Girls are easily get attracted towards men of Gau Yoni. The natives of this Yoni have a long-life.

4. Sarp Yoni:
As per Astrology, people born in Sarp Yoni are short-tempered. They get in a rage fast, and are not able to control their anger. They are very straightforward and do not mince words. They are very playful and have an unstable mind; they may not be able to lend any topic a serious thought. They are very fond of food. They are not very grateful by nature and do not remember other people's favors.

5. Shravana Yoni:
The people of Shravana Yoni have a lot of courage and audacity. They are active people and overflow with energy which gives them the capacity to work hard and long.

They are good at heart and help their neighbors when the need arises. Their devotion towards their parents borders on worshiping, and they take good care of their parents. On the flip side they may not get on well with their siblings and may get into arguments over small issues.

6. Marjar Yoni:
As per Astrology, the natives of Marjar Yoni are bold and courageous. They are brave and do not get afraid of anything easily. However, their attitude is sometimes rude towards others. They are versatile and have the ability to perform all tasks efficiently. They like to have sweets.

7. Mesh Yoni:
People born in Maesh Yoni Yoni show their abilities in the battle ground. They prove to be mighty and noble warriors. They have a lot of enthusiasm for their job and enjoy working hard. They are rich and live a luxurious life. They are generous by nature and lend a helping hand to others when needed.

8. Mushak Yoni:
Natives of Mushak Yoni are very clever and intelligent. They alert and careful which gives them the capacity to handle work of sensitive nature. They think before taking any decision and take well thought-out decisions. They do not trust others easily and always remain alert. The natives of Mushak Yoni have ample wealth.
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9. Simgh Yoni:
Natives of Singh Yoni are inclined towards spirituality and worship god. They have self-respect and are very talented. Their conduct and behavior is simple and noble. They are strong decision-makers, brave and courageous. They are devoted to their family and will fulfill all their responsibilities towards their near and dear ones.

10. Mahish Yoni:
Mahish Yoni is also called Buffalo Yoni. Those born in Mahish Yoni have weak cognitive capacities. They are short-tempered and often get involved in fights with others. They show enthusiasm in their work. They will have many children and take good care of them. They may suffer from diseases like gall bladder.

11. Vyadh Yoni:
People born in Vyadh Yoni are versatile and expert in performing a variety tasks. They do not like to work under the supervision of others and prefer to work independently. The natives of this Yoni love to praise themselves.

12. Mrig Yoni:
Those born in Mrigh Yoni are kind-hearted. They are very soft-spoken and have love for others. They are peace-loving and and stay away from conflicts. They follow the path of truth and believe in spirituality. They love their siblings and relatives. They are very broad-minded and independent.

13. Vanar Yoni:
Natives of Vaanar Yoni are very mischievous which may lead to arguments and fights which they may not be very eager to avoid because they also have a lot of courage and don't mind standing up to their opponents when they feel they are right.

They are enthusiastic towards their work but may be greedy at times. They may have a big family with a lot of children. They will also have a sweet tooth.

14. Nakul Yoni:
Those born in Nakul Yoni are expert at performing all kinds of work. They eagerly participate in charitable activities. They are learned and possess a lot of knowledge. They are devoted towards their parents and worship them by heart.



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