The Personality Traits of the Natives of Bharani Nakshatra


Bharani Nakshatra
is the second Nakshatra in the zodiac. Venus is the lord of Bharani. People born in this Nakshatra like to live a luxurious life with all material comforts and conveniences. Natives of Bharani Nakshatra are good-looking and attractive. They are very good in nature due to which people get attracted towards them easily. They give a high place to love in their life and easily get attracted towards people of opposite sex.

The natives of Bharani Nakshatra are energetic and active. They have interests in creative and fine arts and actively participate in activities like music, dance and drawing etc. They are strong decision-makers and courageous. The natives of this Nakshatra stick to their decisions and proceed towards their goal with determination. They generally stay away from conflicts and if such a situation arises then they try to resolve it in a peaceful manner. If a rival or enemy does not agree with them, they defeat him with the help of their cleverness and wisdom.

They are materialistic and will make it a life-long mission to fulfill their worldly desires. They are finicky about cleanliness and hygiene. They are very poetic in nature and think more from their heart than their mind. They adhere to moral values and follow the path of truth. They are not conservative and do not like to be tied down by old rituals and traditions. They are very independent and broad-minded. They do not hesitate to learn something from others, they do not like to show-off and hypocrisy.
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They are friendly in nature and remain faithful with their friends. They possess good analytical skills and also prove to be good critics. Men born in this Nakshatra will get a generous and a beautiful wife. The natives of this Nakshatra get respect and honor in the society.



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  1. 05 April, 2011 01:44:22 PM Seena.S

    my birthday is on 9 th april 1978,9.30pm....I would like to know about my future

  2. 12 November, 2010 07:03:18 PM Sam

    Thankgod someone gave me a positive description of Bharani. I'm a bharani female pada 3 and everywhere I read about bharanis it was so negative! Thanks for this!

  3. 16 March, 2010 03:14:03 PM Kelly

    What is my lucky sign

  4. 16 March, 2010 03:12:21 PM Kelly

    at 2010.03.16 want to know if I am this sign

  5. 16 March, 2010 03:11:30 PM Kelly

    want to know if I am this sign

  6. 16 March, 2010 03:09:55 PM Kelly

    My birthday is 6th september 1970 at 11 55 am am I this sign

  7. 28 February, 2010 07:18:44 PM Hema

    want to know whether the future life of the female born in Bharani Nakshatra will be good.