Natives of Magha Nakshatra have High Self Esteem


Magha Nakshatra
is the tenth Nakshatra in the zodiac. This is classified among Gandmoola Nakshatra. Ketu is the lord of Magha Nakshatra. All of its four quarters lie in the sign Leo, thus Sun influences the people of this Nakshatra. Let us learn more about the influence of the Nakshatra on the natives who are born in it.

According to Vedic Astrology, people who are born in Magha Nakshatra are very influential, dominant and intelligent. They are short-tempered too. They are enthusiastic and if they get any responsibility they try finish the work as soon as possible. They always keep a positive attitude.

It is said about people of Magha Nakshatra that they sometimes perform unexpected acts by which they amaze others . They have high self-esteem and they never compromise with it. They always try to maintain their respect and honor. They do everything after giving it a proper thought, however people may still think that they rush into things without thinking first.

They have a deep faith on god. They form close and good relationships with government officials and people of high society; and get benefits from these relationships. They like to enjoy material pleasure and may have many servants. They are intelligent about money matters and are usually good in things like investment and handling money. They make their full effort to achieve success in economic affairs.

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They have a limited friend circle, but if they make a friend then they maintain the friendship forever. They don't like traveling. They travel only for work or in emergency otherwise they would rather stay home. They like stability in their work too.

Girls of Magha Nakshatra are straight-forward and do not hesitate to speak their minds in front of everybody. They are daring and have high ambitions.



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