Astrology Yogas to Become a Software Programmer


It is very important to catch up with the developments going around you. People who do not change with time fall behind in this progressive world. Today everything is electronic and computerized. E-governance, e-banking, e-financing, e-management etc. are running the world. Software engineers are in demand and strongly placed in companies, offices and educational institutions.

Venus is the karak planet of computers. Mars is the planet of electrical or civil engineering and land. Mercury is the planet of sculpting, logic and calculation. Saturn is the planet of technical and instrumental works. Sun in conjunction with Mars helps to become an engineer.

1. Important Houses: The Fifth House/lord or The Tenth House/lord
The fifth house in the birth-chart is the house of education. If a person wants to go in the technical field, then the fifth house/lord should directly relate to the tenth house/lord. Besides engineering field, this yoga is also considered in the birth-chart of doctors. But the house of hospital is also included in the birth-chart of doctors, which separates them from engineers.

2. Important Planets:
Mars and Saturn are influential in the birth-chart of engineers. In addition, Rahu or Ketu are also included. Along with the fifth house, the fourth house is also considered for the education. The direct influence of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu on these houses makes the person an engineer by profession.

3. Amatyakarak Planet:
Acknowledgment of the occupation field becomes easy with the Amatyakarak of Jamini method. In this yoga, the field of vocation of the person is according to the karak elements of the planet close to the Amatyakarak planet.

4. Direction:
If planets placed in the tenth house or the Nakshatra lord of the tenth lord are in the directions of engineering, then the person will achieve success in this field. We cannot achieve success without right directions. Directions determine the right time of promotion and results of transit.

5. Other Yogas:
(1) High education is necessary to go in the IT field. If the second, fourth or fifth house relates to the ninth, Ascendant or tenth house, and if Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Mercury or Venus relate to each other, then the person will get a chance to incur high education.

(2) The person will achieve success in the IT field if the sign of an auspicious planet is placed in the fifth house. Or the fifth lord is in conjunction with Jupiter, which is the karak of education, Mercury or Mars. Or they make an aspect relationship. Or Venus and Saturn make a relation with the fifth house.

(3) If in the birth-chart, Jupiter and Mercury or Venus and Mars are placed together or Jupiter and Mercury are placed in the beneficial house. Saturn is also in conjunction with Rahu, or makes an aspect relationship with Rahu, then the person will get education in IT and he will achieve success in this field.

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(4) If gajkesari yoga of Jupiter and Moon is created in the trikon or kendra, Mars as the ninth lord or the second lord is placed in the fifth house. Along with Sun, Venus and Mercury are also placed in the sign of Jupiter, and Ketu, which is the karak of thinnest instruments, is in the sign of Jupiter and placed in the Kendra, then the person will get a very good education.

(5) In the Pisces Ascendant, if the fifth lord is placed in the Ascendant with the ninth lord. Or Mars and Saturn, Sun and Mercury are placed in the Kendra, and Jupiter, Venus are placed in the third or ninth house, then the person will be able to get admission in a premier education institute such as I.I.T.



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