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Pancha Pakshi Shastra is one of the most famous methods of Astrology in Tamil Nadu. It consolidates the characteristics of various other methods of Astrology. In this method, astrological calculations are not used to make predictions. There are five main birds:- Vulture, Owl, Crow, Rooster and Peacock which are used to make predictions.

You can confirm your queries by determining your birth-bird.

These five birds perform five different functions everyday to live, and they are as follows:
  • 1. Eating
  • 2. Walking
  • 3. Ruling
  • 4. Sleeping
  • 5. and Death

The birth-bird of an individual is determined by the numbers of birth Nakshatra or shukla/krishna Paksh of Moon. It is because they are stable for the entire life. The method of Panch-Pakshi is useful in many ways. According to Paanch Pakshi Shastra Astrology, the person will achieve success if he performs a determinate act at different moments of the day. In this method, the time period is easy to obtain.

Let us consider, how birth-bird influences the experiences of a person during his journeys and what is the auspicious time of traveling in the day.

1. Journey During the Eating Time of Pancha pakshi Shastrambr> The person who travels during the eating time of birth-bird, will have less possibilities of falling sick. He will also get a chance to meet new people on the way. He will achieve the objective of his journey. In other words, his journey will be successful. If he travels during this period his savings will improve. His peace of mind will also be maintained.

(A) If the birth-bird is busy in eating and the active bird is busy in other acts except ruling, and shares an enmity relationship with another birth-bird, then the results of his traveling will not be fruitful. In other words, you may not achieve the objective of your journey during this period and get disappointed. You may have to face many problems while traveling. It is also possible that you may not get a proper meal to eat. You may get involved in conflicts with your friends and relatives. As a result, your relationship with them may get spoilt. br> You may feel uncomfortable for traveling during this time, and this may become a reason of your resentment. Therefore, it is favorable for you to postpone your journey during this period. br> (B) If the birth-bird and the active bird become friends, then your journey will be pleasant. But for this, the birth-bird should be in the ruling position.
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2. Journey During the Period of Walking of the Birth-Bird
If the birth-bird is busy in walking, then this period is not useful for the native to travel. He may not achieve his objective of traveling. During this period, he may also not get hygienic food. His relationship with his friends may also get affected while traveling. The person regrets later due to this kind of his journey.

He may also get deceived from his objective. People may mislead him, instead of telling him the right way during his journey.
The person will get disappointment, if he goes to meet his life partner during this period.

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