People of Gemini Sign Love Art

Gemini is the third sign in the Zodiac. This sign is considered a male sign. The deity for this sign is Vishnu, and it's planet lord is Mercury. Its symbol is twins (often male). This sign presides over the western direction. The planet Rahu is exalted in this sign, and Ketu is debilitated. Its element is Air.

What are the traits of the people who belong to this sign.
People of sign Gemini are eternal optimists. Pessimism can't even touch them. That's why they have the capability to successfully handle and overcome any situation without losing their nerve. Geminis have a humane character. They are kind, affectionate, and generous. You'll often find them associated with a good cause, or organisation.

Another remarkable trait of Gemini is their shifting nature. They have a maverick attitude towards life, and may be thinking about several things at the same time. In spite of their perceived unstability they are good at their job and try to excel in everything they do. They can be depended upon to do their best to fulfill the responsibilities they are assigned. Geminis are full of enthusiasm and life which helps them get things done faster.
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Geminis are connoisseurs of art.
They love art, and most of them have some sort of hobby, or connection with art. They are also very good speakers and can keep their audience spell-bound. Geminis also make great writers. Geminis are rationalists and will only accept a statement if meets their strict standard of logic and rationality.

People of this sign are very senuous and passionate. They have an attraction for material things, and a strong desire to live a life full of splendour and riches. If they do not have material possessions, they tend to miss them strongly and make great efforts to acquire them. A Gemini whose desires are unfullfilled is a sorry sight, full of sadness and bitterness which might even make him or her crabby.

The educational streams suitable for them are: maths, commerce, journalism, retail management, company secretary, chartered accountancy, atomic energy, publishing, financial management, and astronomy. Suitable professional fields for them include: law, publishing, transport, mail and communication, writing, poetry, acting, painting, and commission agent.

Geminis are prone to tuberclosis, asthma, dry-cough, pneumonia, throat related ailments like bronchitis and influenza. They may have problems related to shoulders and hand and should take care if they ever have any of the above problems.



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