Astrology Yogas to Become a Writer and Poet


Hobbies of a person are considered from the third house. If Mars and Mercury share an aspect relationship with this house, then the person will be associated with the profession of writing. The fifth house leads a person to acquire proper education to fulfill his desires and interests. The tenth house is the house of his occupation. If these three houses are combined or share an aspect relationship with each other, then it will be auspicious for the writer.

The fifth house is the house of entertainment. If this house has an auspicious influence, then the writer will write on entertainment and drama. If there is an auspicious influence on the third house, then he will have a biography book on his name. His biography will reflect the experiences of his life. Signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are considered auspicious for a writer. If the planets associated with the writer are located in these signs, then he will successful in his profession.

Important Planets : Role of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in the Birth-chart
A relationship between Mars and Mercury is mandatory in the birth chart of writers. It is because if Mercury is pen, then Mars is ink. Any of these planets alone will not be influential. Presence of both these planets in the birth chart will have much stronger impact. However, if these two planets form a relationship with Jupiter, then the person will become a great scholar and write very good books. It is because Jupiter is the karak planet of knowledge.

Mercury is the Karak of intelligence. Jupiter tells about the way of thinking of a person. If they both are strong in the birth-chart, the person will become a scholar or a critic.

Influences of Other Planets:
(1) If the tenth lord is placed with Jupiter in the tenth house in the Gemini sign, then the person will write plays. Similarly, if Venus is placed with the tenth house/lord in the Gemini sign, then he will become a literary writer. If Jupiter and Mercury are in conjunction in the tenth house of the birth-chart, then the person will write his autobiography.

(2) If Gemini is in the tenth house in the sign of Virgo Ascendant. And if in this sign, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are placed together, then he will get a chance to write news or script of a movie or he will work as an editor.

(3) Mercury is known as the karak planet of speech. Mercury should be strong in the birth-chart for any kind of work. Jupiter is the karak of knowledge. If these two planets form a relationship, then the person will write philosophy. If Mercury and Jupiter share a relationship with Venus, then he will become a poet.

(4) Venus is the Karak of acting, entertainment, music and dance. Therefore, if Mercury and Venus form a yoga in the birth-chart, the person will write on entertainment and literature.

(5) According to Astrology, Moon is the karak of heart. If Moon is in conjunction with the tenth house/lord, and Mars and Mercury form a relationship with the third house, then the person will be imaginative and use rhetoric language and simile in his writing.

(6) The person will have a potential to write high level poems, if the ninth lord is in the sign of Mercury in the Libra Ascendant. Or if Venus is located in the second house with the eleventh lord and Mars is the second lord located in the fifth house with the Yogakarak Saturn.



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