Sthan Bala in Shad Bala

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sthan-balIn Shad bala, six types of bala are used to assess planetary strength. Sthan bala is the first bala in Shad bala. Let us discuss the assessment of planetary strength in Sthan bala and its importance to Shad bala.

Sthan bala, as the name suggests, assesses the planetary strength on the basis of present location of planets. Sthan bala depends on the position of planets in the zodiac. The other factors like motion of planets, bhava cusps or aspects of planets are not important in Sthan bala.

According to Astrology, there are total five sub-parts of Sthan bala. These five bala together form the yoga of Sthan bala. These five bala are Uccha bala, Saptavarg bala, Diva ratri bala, Kendradi bala and Drekkana bala. In the first part of Sthan bala, we will discuss the first two sub parts- Uccha bala and Saptavarga bala.

Uccha Bala
Uccha bala is a unit to measure the planetary strength. It is used to measure the distance between a planet and its peak point. In this, each planet gets 1 point in its exalted position and 0 in its debilitated position. The other conditions also contribute in the average assessment. According to the rules of Astrology, the low point of any planet is not more than 180 and Uccha bala is one third of this value.

Let us understand this with an example: Sun is exalted in Gemini sign in the twelfth house and debilitated in Libra in the tenth house. There is a distance of 118 degree between these two signs. Therefore Uccha bala is 118/3= 39.3

Saptavarga Bala
Saptavarga bala is the next bala after Uccha bala. It is the collection of seven Varga. The calculation of these seven varga is similar, but their value is different. But still the contribution of all the vargas is equal. The name of seven bala of saptavarga are sign, navmansh, hora, decanate, saptamansh, dwadamansh and trimansh.  The contribution of bala of each varga is assessed on the basis of the planetary position in the sign and its strength. A chart is provided for the better understanding and convenience.

Placement                             Strength
Moolatrikona                           45
Own sign                                30

Adhi Mitra                               20
Mitra                                        15
Sama                                       10
Satru                                        4

Adhi Satru                                 2 

According to assessment of astrology the highest value of saptvarga bala is 45×7= 315

Note: the calculation of bala is not similar to the calculation of saptvarga. Ucchastha and Nichastha have a special place in Saptavarga Bala.

However, here difference is in the periodic friendship of planets. According to one theory, the periodic friendship in the birth-chart is assessed on the basis of signs of planet. Whereas according to another these calculations are made through varga-charts like saptavarga.

Diva Ratri Bala
Diva Ratri bala is assessed by considering its position in even and odd signs. In this, female signs such as Moon and Venus get 15 points when they are placed in even signs or navmansh. However, in other positions they get 0 points. Male signs such as Sun, Mars and Jupiter are neutral, and Mercury and Saturn get 15 points when they are placed in odd signs and navmansh. In other positions these planets get 0 points. However, these calculations are to be made separately for signs and navmansh-chart. As a result the planets will be able to get 30 points. To understand these facts you can check one example: suppose moon is in the first house i.e. in pisces sign. Here moon will get 15 points because it is located in the odd sign and navmansh cancer also gets 15 points. In this position diva ratri bala will be of total 30 points.

Kendradi bala
Kendradi bala is the fourth part of Sthan bala. It assesses the planetary strength in the birth-chart. As the name suggests, it locates the planetary strength in Kendra along with panphara and apoklima houses. According to astrology, the principle of kendradi bala is that the planets located in Kendra are stronger and get 60 points. The planets located in panphara get 30 points and those in apoklima get 15 points. In this bala, there is no conflict between the female or male planets.

You can see the planetary strength in different house in kendradi bala in this chart:
Types Angle Houses 1,4,7,10 Powers 60
Types Panaphara Houses 2,5,8,11 Powers 30
Types Apoklima Houses 3,6,9,12 Powers 1

Dreccan Bala
Dreccan bala is based on the placement of planets in decanates or signs. Male planets such as Sun, Mars and Saturn get 15 points in first decanates of dreccan bala. Female planets get these points in second decanates and neutral planets in third decanates. Here no discrimination between female or male planets. To understand dreccan bala properly a chart is made below for your convenience:

Planet/degree 0-10 degree 10-20 degree 20-30 degree
Sun, Mars and Jupiter 15 0 0
Moon and Venus 0 15 0
Venus and Saturn 0 0 15

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