Auspicious Yogas to Become An Administrative Officer

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ias-officerThe Yogas formed in the birth-chart determine the profession of a person. Often people curse their luck if they are not satisfied with their job. However, there are some people who luckily get a good position in life and enjoy high status in their job, like I.A.S officers. For these services the rules of Astrology are as follows:

1. Yogas of Higher Studies:
For the professions like I.A.S, the level of education in the birth-chart of an individual should be high. For education, the second, fourth, fifth and ninth house are considered. They are the houses of education. When these houses are in a strong position, the person has a high level of education. The planets associated with education are Mercury, Jupiter and Mars. Yogas formed in the birth-chart also open the path of success for the person through his education. If he attains a good education, then he becomes eligible to appear in competitive exams.

2. Important House: The Sixth, First and Tenth house
The Ascendant house, sixth and tenth house should be strong in the birth chart for the person to be successful in any competitive examination. Mutual relationship between them is also very essential. Success of a person in his job depends upon the strong position of these houses and their mutual relationship.

Besides this, complete dedication and hard work is also very important to be successful. The third house is known for these qualities. It is also known as the house of courage. This house is also very important because it is the sixth house from the tenth house. The enemies of business can also be viewed from this house.

When this house becomes strong, it provides an ability to fight enemies. This house provides energy and increases the possibilities to achieve success.

3. Important planets:
In the birth-chart, Sun is considered as the king of all planets and Jupiter as the kaarak of Knowledge. These two planets are helpful in administrative success, and for high achievements in competitions.

The importance of Saturn increases for those employed to serve the people. It is because Saturn bridges the gap between the public and administrative authorities.

Many I.A.S. Officers have also made their mark in the field of writing. It has been possible with the grace of Mars and Mercury. Therefore, Mars can be considered as the ink and Mercury as the pen. For the selection in the distinguished services of I.A.S, the planets- Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Rahu and Moon should be strong in the birth-chart of a person. Because, Mars enriches a person with strength, courage and enthusiasm, which is very necessary to achieve success in competitions.

4. Role of Amatyakaarak planet:
Amatyakaarak planet plays a vital role to achieve the rank of I.A.S.officer. If in someone’s birth-chart, the planet of Amatyakaarak is strong or in high and auspicious position and is placed in the kendra, or if it is in the third or eleventh house, the person will get many opportunities in his life time to reap success and reach the heights.

In this situation, a person gets the opportunities to work in a pleasant atmosphere.

5. Periods or Dashas
The possibilities to reap success in job are high when the planets in the birth-chart are in good position and the periods also match with the planets. If the period of the tenth, sixth, third and ascendant house or the lords of these houses match well, then the person will become an I.A.S officer.

6. Other Yogas:
A) When the lord of the eleventh house is in the ninth house, or it is in conjunction with the tenth house, or aspects this house, the possibilities to become an I.A.S. officer are very high.

B) If Venus or Jupiter is exalted in the fifth house, or the house is influenced by the auspicious planets and also if Sun is in a good position, then the person will become an I.A.S. officer.

C) When the lords of the Ascendant house and the tenth house are in their houses, or are exalted and placed in the Kendra or trine, and Jupiter is exalted and is placed in its own house, then the possibilities to become an I.A.S officer are high.

D) If Sun or Mercury are placed in the Kendra of the birth-chart, especially in the ascendant and Jupiter aspects these planets, then the person will obtain a high post in the administrative services.


  • At 2014.10.22 14:48, tamanjit kaur said:

    My date of birth is 16-12-1993 ,time of birth is 11:45pm and my place of birth is pathankot(Punjab) ,my question is will I be able to become an IAS or a Civil Servant.

    • At 2014.12.03 21:50, pratik said:

      My birth particulars are enlisted as under
      DOB 28-12-1991
      TOB 18:29 hrs
      PL analyse if there are indications for administrative services?if yes, then what shall be time of fructification?

      • At 2014.12.27 18:23, ashish kr said:

        aap agar seriously ias ki taiyari kar rhe h to bahut achhi bat h.. Par ek bat aap clear kr lijiye ki apne man see bhagyawadi najariya nikal dijiye.. Insaan chahe to apne dam par apni kismat bna skta h.. Agar jyotisi kahe ki aap ias nahi ban sakte to sayad aap kosis hi chhod de ya na v chhode to aapka manobal to gir hi jaega.. Aur agar jyts ye khe ki aapke ias banne ka yog to kya aap bina mehnat ke hi ias ban jaenge.. Nahi na.. Agar sab mehnat par hi nirbhar h to dusro se salah kya lena.. Aap chahe to suraj ko muthhi me kr le.. Ye tuchhe grah gochar kya ukhadenge.. Khud par bharosa rakhiye.. Me ranchi se hu aur mera sapna v ias h… Aapko all the best.. Bina mange salah di maaf karna

        • At 2015.03.07 23:04, Aditi said:

          Hello Sir,
          Pls. Tell me Can I become guested officer IAS officer.. My dob is 4/1/1993@ 3:15 pm & my birth place is Ambala (Haryana). If not pls. Confirm about when can i get govt. Job. (Clerical).

          • At 2015.03.07 23:20, princy said:

            Hello Sir,
            My dob – 9/6/1995 @ 9.15 am & birth place is Ambala (Haryana)
            Pls. Tell me how will be my married life? Which will be more successful luv or arrange ? Also confirm can I get govt. Job ? If yes when ? Waiting 4 ur reply. Thank u…

            • At 2015.03.21 20:28, Abhishek sharma said:

              DOB 6 sep 1991
              Time 13:15
              I want yo know is there any chance becoming of an IAS of mine

              • At 2015.03.23 11:49, priyanka said:

                name: priyanka
                DOB: 15-12-1993
                time of birth: 11.15 am
                place of birth: chennai
                I am preparing for IAS exam. Its my passion and my life’s ambition to become IAS officer and serve my nation. Can u tell me when will I succeed in IAS exam?

                • At 2015.03.27 13:32, karan kumar said:

                  My name is karan. My dob is 9-dec 1995. Time 7:45 am place. Amritsar. Can i become ias officer

                  • At 2015.03.30 08:49, Sameer Kant sharma said:

                    Pranam sir…due to my carelessness I dropped my btech…and after four years I again applied for in arts..I want to become IAS officer..please help me and tell me, can I be the one ..what I want to be…
                    Name …Sameer Kant Sharma
                    DOB…. 13/11/1987
                    Time…3:20 am
                    Place …Jaipur Rajasthan

                    • At 2015.04.08 15:37, shubhra mishra said:

                      My details are
                      dob 24jan1988
                      Sir shall i clear upsc examination ?
                      …if yes then whic kind of job and how much time it will take?

                      • At 2015.05.27 14:37, samrat said:

                        pranam guruji, last 4 years i prepare ias exam i didnt get result. i want to be ias officer. will i clear ias exam.
                        may details.
                        birth time:14-45
                        dhule, maharashtra.
                        please guru ji i need your advice on this. thank you.

                        • At 2015.06.20 12:52, Kumar sambhaba acharjya said:

                          namaskar guruji, i prepare ibps rrb office asst september and ibps clerk dec2015.which exam i suceed and what time i will get a job.

                          my birth detail,

                          Dob: 01-11-1988
                          birth time:01:33pm

                          please guruji kindly send your advice on this,thank you.

                          • At 2015.07.02 23:51, kiran said:

                            respected sir iam trying for govt job will i get r not? my details dob:25/06/1987 time:21:45 vijayawada (ap)

                            • At 2015.08.01 20:46, PADMANABHAN said:

                              I Want to be a IAS officer. Can I,or when is it possible .

                              • At 2015.08.25 01:36, abhi rana said:

                                Sir want to know if i will becomes IAS ? Time 00:25 am of 15 jan1989…pls reply in email

                                • At 2015.08.25 17:19, vishal said:

                                  Name: vishal,DOB- 19april,1986.Time : 11:40am.Place- Palampur (H.P). Q-will I able to Crack IAS by2017.plz suggest

                                  • At 2015.10.18 12:27, s k sharma said:

                                    DOB 28/2/1986 TOB 3:20 AM POB Etah. are there chances to become an IAS. Email

                                    • At 2015.10.18 17:47, Surendar said:

                                      Hi Ji,
                                      Name : Surendar
                                      DOB : 19-Oct-1994
                                      Aries, Aswini natchatra
                                      Will I clear IAS exam on 2016 Batch, kindly advice
                                      waiting for your reply

                                      • At 2015.10.18 17:48, Surendar said:

                                        Hi Ji,
                                        Name : Surendar
                                        DOB : 19-Oct-1994
                                        Birth Time : 08:40 PM
                                        Location : Kodambakkam, Chennai, TamilNadu
                                        Aries, Aswini natchatra
                                        Will I clear IAS exam on 2016 Batch, kindly advice
                                        waiting for your reply

                                        • At 2015.10.20 12:12, prerna bhat said:

                                          Details :

                                          DOB — 12 may 1989

                                          time of birth — 21:25

                                          place — kashmir (j&k)

                                          • At 2015.12.03 09:59, priya said:

                                            i want to become a PCS officer, i am going to start now for preparation if my decision is right please tell me with in how many years i can get success.

                                            My DOB is– 13/11/1985
                                            time is– 21:00 (09:00pm)
                                            location is — kanpur (UP)

                                            • At 2015.12.03 10:01, priya said:

                                              i want to become a PCS officer, i am going to start now for preparation if my decision is right please tell me with in how many years i can get success.

                                              My DOB is– 13/11/1985
                                              time is– 21:00 (09:00pm)
                                              location is — kanpur (UP)

                                              • At 2016.02.08 12:07, anju said:


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