Planetary Combinations and Banking Profession


Youngsters are also getting more and more attracted towards jobs in banks due to increased income in this sector. The planetary combinations which are important for a job in banking sector are as follows:

Important Houses: The Fourth, Fifth or the Tenth House
The fourth house is the house of education and the fifth house is the house of higher education. If these houses form a relationship with the tenth house/lord, then the person will be inclined towards this profession.

If the Ascendant has a relationship with Mercury or Venus and the ninth house/lord, tenth house/lord, eleventh house/lord etc. in any form with Kendra or trine the person will aspire to work in the banking sector.

Important Planet: Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn
Banking services are part of commerce and Mercury is its Kaarak planet. Jupiter is the Kaarak of knowledge, Venus of glory and Saturn of public. These planets placed in the Kendra or trine will incline the person towards this field.

Role of Amatyakarak:
The person will work in the banking sector if Mercury or Venus, which are the Amatyakarak planets, is in the relationship with the tenth house/lord in the birth-chart. Amatyakaraak planet is a method to distinguish among the professions in Jamini Astrology.

Other Yogas:
(A) If Saturn forms an aspect relationship with the lord of the second house and influences the ninth house in the birth-chart, then the person will earn his livelihood from the banking services. If the eleventh house or its lord forms a relationship with the auspicious house Kendra or trine, then the person will earn his income from the banking sector.

(B) If Jupiter from the Ascendant aspects the lord of the eleventh house or the second house, and if Venus is exalted and strong with Mercury, even then the person will achieve success in these services.

(C) Mercury is the Kaarak planet of banking. If it becomes strong and is in conjunction with the lord of the seventh house in the tenth house, and the lord of the ninth house is in its own sign and exalted in the eleventh house along with the lord of the tenth house or second house, the person will achieve success in this field.

(D) If there is a conjunction between the Ascendant lord and the fourth lord or they have an aspect on each other, the eleventh lord aspects the Ascendant lord from the Kendra, the person would like to make his career in the banking sector. If both Mercury and Venus influence the ninth or the tenth house by forming a relationship or aspecting these houses the interests of the person to work in this field will increase.

(E) If Mercury, the kaarak of commerce, is in relationship with Ascendant lord or aspects it. The tenth lord influences the tenth house by its ninth aspect, and Saturn aspects the tenth house from the fourth house, or it aspects the Ascendant or Ascendant lord. Rahu aspects the eleventh house, then the person will be selected in the banking sector for the post of probationary officer.

(F) If Mercury or Venus influence the Ascendant lord or the tenth lord in the Kendra or trine. Jupiter, the Kaarak of education, has a positive influence on the eleventh house, ninth house, Ascendant or the second house. And if Saturn also influences the Ascendant or its lord, the eleventh, tenth or the tenth lord or the second or second lord, then the person will work in the banking sector.



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