Natives of Rohini Nakshatra are Emotional and Sensitive


According to astrology, the 4 phases of Rohini lie in the Taurus sign. Let us see the character and nature of people born in this Nakshatra.

Moon is the lord of Rohini Nakshatra. Natives of Rohini nakshatra like to live in the fantasy world. They have a very playful nature. They do not stick to one thought and decision. They have deep interest in arts like music, dancing, drawing and sculpting. They have delicate voice and loving nature.

They enjoy worldly pleasure in life. If they work hard, then they will achieve success and higher position in their vocation. They are romantic and are attracted towards the opposite sex.

Natives of Rohini nakshatra achieve fame and prosperity in the government sector or in business. They get support and affection from their mother. They are emotional and sensitive. They like to control their emotions. If they try to turn their dreams into reality, then they will achieve the height of success. But if they just enjoy their fantasies and do not work hard, then they will not get as good results as they can achieve.

They do not have stability in life because they like change. They like to travel to different places. But they are attached to their house too. They are attracted towards their life partner. It makes their married life enjoyable and affectionate. They do not take any stress and enjoy a happy and blissful life. Their children will be intellectual and virtuous. Due to their moral and good behavior, they achieve respect and honor in the society.



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