2010 Horoscope forecast for Leo Moon Sign – Simha Rashi

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2010-horoscope-LeoForecast for Simha Rashi – January to March 2010

This quarter is not good due to the impact of the last spell of Shani’s Sadesati. Leos will be under lots of mental stress. But conditions will improve later. People will invest their money in business and education at the start of this month. You may begin new projects during this period. You will also spend some time with your loved ones due to the influence of Jupiter. Your business will prosper and you will also keep good health.

There may be some conflicts in your family after mid-March. Some differences may arise among brothers and sisters. Your savings will reduce but the period after the end of March will be favorable for you. Your earnings will increase and you will also keep good health. However your spouse may have some health problems.

Forecast for Simha Rashi- April to June 2010

This quarter is very good for the sale and purchase of property and land. People can buy their own homes or get their homes renovated during this period. You will get all material pleasures and will be successful on the basis of your courage and confidence. Your enthusiasm and spirit will take you places. You will complete all your works successfully.

You will get some unexpected wealth in this quarter. Your savings will increase and you will also spend money in religious pursuits. You will get things of comfort in your home. There are chances of you getting constant capital and property by will. There may be some lack of support from your siblings. The month of June will bring you the support of your seniors.

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Forecast for Simha Rashi – July to September 2010

People will be very enthusiastic and energetic at the start of this quarter. You will be able to complete all your projects with your hard work and honesty. You will get more authority and your discipline at work will give you new opportunities of success. Your determined efforts will take on the path of progress. You will have sweetness in your voice and you will also work to maintain peace and happiness in the family. You will take interest in creative arts. Any trips during this period will also be fruitful. This quarter is very favorable for vehicle dealers. Communication and transport sectors will also do well.

There are chances of gain from abroad. You will earn money and add to your savings. There will be ups and downs in your expenses. There may some familial problems at the end of this quarter.

Forecast for Simha Rashi – October to December 2010

Period from October to 18th December will be very favorable for health matters. But people may face some troubles in doing their daily works. They may loose interest in intellectual works and may use their brains in wrong activities. Control your tongue otherwise some inappropriate words may upset the peace of your family life. Your children may not keep sound health and your expenses will also increase. This period is also not good for students. They might not be able to concentrate on their studies.

Conditions will improve after 8th November and your health will also be good. Your earnings will improve and you will also like to travel during this period. You may go for pilgrimage. You will spend some time in vehicle race and other activities of interest.

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  • At 2009.12.24 07:09, ken daniel said:

    I wish to point out that you have NOT changed the NAME of the sign in your predictions for Simha.
    The title as well as sub headings carry the sign CANCER. It is confusing and readers may not be certain if the predictions are for Cancer or for Leo.
    Please change it. Thank you.

    • At 2010.02.05 15:38, manjunatha gowda said:

      you have done a great job please send me the forecast to the above for the rest of my life

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                                    my dob is 27/08/1984. My sunsign is leo,I am suffering very much from arthritis problem as soon as sadi sathi started. Please let me know when my health will come to normal condition,for that what i should do. and about my marraige please let me know

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