2010 Horoscope forecast for Virgo Moon Sign – Kanya Rashi

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First Quarter – January to March 2010

This year may start with some sour experiences for Virgos. You may face some obstacles in your projects in the first few days of this year. You might not be able to implement your plans and ideas. People may struggle for fruitful results in their business or jobs. There may be some ups and downs in your profits as well. There may be some sudden trips during this period which will be very troublesome for you.

Your familial problems will increase due to the placement of Mercury in debilitated sign. Your family life may be upset. You may not get the support of your spouse, children and friends. Your bothers will also not be by your side. Maintain sweetness in your relationships for peace and happiness. Your expenses may exceed your earning and you may have to take loan to balance your finances. Do not share your plans and projects with someone. Some senior will help in your promotion at work after 15th March.

Second Quarter- April to June 2010

The second quarter of this year will be very stressful. People will have to work really hard to accomplish their tasks. They will also face troubles in their journeys. Control your anger otherwise you may have to repent later. Students might also find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. They must pay attention to their studies to achieve their goals.
Conditions will improve after mid-May and you will get financial gain after some struggle. You will get the support of your seniors at work. Your spouse will also be by your side. You will get some good news and there will some auspicious occasion in your family. Spend money wisely to control your expenses.

The month of June will be very good for your finances. You will add to your savings and do well in your profession. There will be new opportunities of success. Your family life will also be filled with love and happiness.

Third Quarter – July to September 2010

There are chances of journeys during this quarter. People will be very excited and be successful in their profession. There may be some unneeded expenses. Your business will grow and prosper during this period. Your enemies will not be able to trouble you. This quarter is also very good for students and they will do well in competitive exams. On the flip side, you may suffer from headaches. You must control your temper for mental peace.

Your earnings will reduce and expenses will increase after 20th July. There may be some obstacles in any auspicious work of yours. Your projects may not get completed. Your family life may also be upset and lack love and happiness. Control your aggression for peace at home. People will have to work harder to accomplish their tasks at the end of this quarter. You will spend more time in religious pursuits.

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Last Quarter – October to December 2010

You will get the support of your family at the start of this quarter. You will also make good money and add to your savings. Funds will flow freely and there will be many happy occasions in your family. On the other hand, there may be some disturbances in your marital life and you may also suffer from health troubles.

Your relationship with your spouse will improve after 18th November. There will be ups and downs in your earnings. You may spend money in journeys. This period is very favorable for buying property and land. The end of this year will bring peace and happiness in your family life. You will celebrate some happy occasions at your home. There are chances of your promotion and some unanticipated gain in this quarter.

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  • At 2010.02.06 09:13, Pravin said:

    rashi bhavish in 2010

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      2010-2020 i Years rashi bhavish

      • At 2010.02.06 09:16, Pravin Gawad said:

        2010-2020inyears rashi bhavish

        • At 2010.02.06 13:08, Suresh Kumar Panjala said:

          My D.O.B is 30.08.1973, Time 7.25. A.M, When i get settled in my life, as a job or in any business plz tell me the date

          • At 2010.11.07 09:25, Prakash said:

            Tell me my future and how many time stay sade sati shani dasha.

          • At 2010.02.06 13:09, Suresh Kumar Panjala said:

            tell me my future

            • At 2010.10.09 22:37, Karma sangay said:

              If u can tell me my birthdate! then i will tell ur future Suresh Kumar ! Good Luck

            • At 2010.03.08 17:21, anilkumar said:

              my future and finance

              • At 2010.03.14 14:49, shravya said:

                my d.o.b is 10/9/1988
                my birth time is 1pm
                i wanted to know about my future
                at what age will my marriage take place?
                when will i get settled and good job?

                • At 2010.10.09 22:42, Karma sangay said:

                  My bro n u were boen on same date n same time wow , how unfacinating anyway my bro he is already setteled n have very nice job even though if he is unemployeee he gets job very easyly cause he is a great chef cook n yea, he have a very pure n only lover her one n only dream man, that’s my bro . I think he will marry her after 2 years on his birthday! so good luck

                • At 2010.03.20 00:38, praveen sisodia said:

                  My D.O.B is 06-09-1986, Time 6:38 P.M, When i get settled in my life, as a job or in any business plz tell me the date

                  • At 2010.03.21 18:27, ROHIT BHARDWAJ said:

                    MY D.O.B. IS 18.02.1987, T.O.B. 11.35 AM & PLACE OF BIRTH – DELHI

                    • At 2010.03.26 19:23, sanjaykumardalei said:

                      my d.o.b is 7/may/1971 in gadapokhari.balasore,odisha.
                      erlier i had good earnings.but i lost all my business.
                      now i am trying for a job.
                      when i will get it?

                      • At 2010.03.30 20:21, sand said:

                        DOB: 5-11-1980
                        tIME OF BIRTH: 2:22 AM
                        PLACE OF BIRTH: WATRAP, TN
                        when will I be blessed with children?

                        • At 2010.04.06 03:32, pravesh singh rawat said:

                          My date of birth is 30/08/1988 morning 07:00am
                          I wanted to know about my future and love life

                          • At 2010.04.11 17:51, Sridhar said:

                            my d.o.b is 02/03/1972
                            my birth time is 0450 Morning hours
                            Now I am working as a Police Constable in AP
                            what about my future. How is my finance position. please send mail as early as possible

                            • At 2010.04.15 17:36, parbati adhikari said:

                              hi me parbati adhikari
                              date of birth 2039-05-05
                              time of birth 1-05 at night
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                              • At 2010.04.15 17:38, parbati adhikari said:

                                hi me dul bahadur rayamajhi
                                date of brth 2024-03-26
                                i want to know about my marriage life

                                • At 2010.04.22 16:28, Prosenjit said:

                                  My DOB is 03.05.1974 at 01.02 am Howrah Westbengal India, Dear Sir I want to know how many bad yogs are in chart so that i am suffering so many obstacles and hinder on my life path, how long it will be continuing ? Is there are any good yogs which will give me at least a little happiness. please help me Sir please.. Thanks & oblige.

                                  • At 2010.04.23 16:39, priya said:

                                    my DOB is 16-11-1979. i am not married. female. I want to now about my marrige. my nakshathra is chithra rashi kanya. please anwer me about my future life through my mail address. please…

                                    • At 2010.04.23 20:34, manish said:

                                      my sister’s dob is 4-may-1982… when she will get settled and married

                                      • At 2010.04.30 20:50, shubhangini prakash said:

                                        what will happen this year to me? dob 23/6/1985 delhi 20:09pm

                                        • At 2010.04.30 20:51, shubhangini prakash said:

                                          what will happen this year career and relationship wise? dob 23/06/1985 20:09pm

                                          • At 2010.04.30 20:53, shubhangini prakash said:

                                            born in delhi india

                                          • At 2010.06.10 21:29, Vishal Vishwanathan said:

                                            hello…my d.o.b is 10-4-1990…time-08:57 am….jabalpur,m.p…….
                                            can you pls tell me about my career…??
                                            & pls tell about me about my maariage….whther it would be an arranged marriage or love marriage….????
                                            thank you…

                                            • At 2010.07.10 16:40, venkateswarlu said:

                                              hello…my d.o.b is 23.06.1969…time-01:35 am….Repalle,A.p…….
                                              can you pls tell me about my career…??

                                              • At 2010.07.10 16:40, venkateswarlu said:

                                                hello…my d.o.b is 10-4-1990…time-08:57 am….jabalpur,m.p…….
                                                can you pls tell me about my career…??

                                                • At 2010.08.03 16:03, prempal tomar said:

                                                  hai i am prempal tomar i have filled many form but i could not recieve
                                                  any call and my home situation is very narrow so tell me suggestion to me what will i do

                                                  • At 2010.08.11 19:02, panduranga.K.L said:

                                                    Dear Sir,

                                                    I am panduranga my DOB -05/11/1980 wednesday at 6:00 AM place kadur.

                                                    tell me about my next future

                                                    • At 2010.09.09 11:53, Pankaj said:

                                                      Dear Sir

                                                      I am Pankaj Chaudhari, my DOB is 01/12/1980, time of birth is 5:10AM at Faizpur, District Jalgaon, Maharastra.

                                                      Please tell me what will happen in 2010 and 2011 during the sadesati

                                                      • At 2010.09.19 16:26, Daksha said:

                                                        hello…my d.o.b is 16-9-1959…time-04.05am…
                                                        thank you…

                                                        • At 2010.09.24 23:07, ravi said:

                                                          I am ravi kunar ranjan date of birth is 16 september 1982 in motihari (BIHAR)

                                                          • At 2010.09.27 14:37, Sajeewani said:

                                                            my birthday is 14-11-1981.time 03.10a.m. i am not married. female. I want to now about my marrige. my rashi kanya. please anwer me about my future life through my mail address. please…

                                                            • At 2010.10.09 22:34, Karma sangay said:

                                                              it’s just believe but ur destiny will decide how n like ur life be in every second u can change ur destiny says Karma wht goes around comes around so be as u r the son of god i mean pure frm heart, i can keep on sayin wht i believe n i can feel but gottcha go so, every humans i pray for ur good life as for me cause we are all son of god even livingsthing
                                                              so beloved everyone!

                                                              • At 2010.11.07 17:00, Santosh Kumar said:

                                                                Dear Sir,
                                                                my d.o.b is 06/09/1986 in Uttar Pradesh, Sorron.
                                                                now i am trying for a job.
                                                                when i will get it?
                                                                Plz help

                                                                • At 2010.12.06 20:07, Vinayak jadhav said:

                                                                  Dear madam/sir,
                                                                  i gone through ur site..looks very interesting..n also the predictions were matching for early two quaters..
                                                                  u r doing fantastic job..
                                                                  plz can u tell me about my carrer? ie when i will get d job? My dob is 06/09/1986.. Birth time is 01.15pm..place is Ichalkaranji, kolhapur, maharashtra.. I hope u will do favor me..waiting 4 ur reply..plz dnt mind..

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