Career in Sales or Marketing and the Planetary Combination


Marketing technology as a discipline is an art to convince buyers. A sales executive should be highly educated and an attractive personality. Planets also play a very supportive role to achieve success in this world.

Important Houses: Second, tenth or eleventh house

The second house, which is the house of speech, is especially considered for marketing. The fourth house is the house of public, or it is also called the house of consumers. In sales profession, the person should try to satisfy the consumer needs. Therefore, if the fourth house influences the tenth house, the person will make his career in this field. The tenth house is the house of duty, through which benefits can be reaped from the eleventh house.

Important Planets: Mercury, Venus, Rahu or Saturn

If the planet Mercury is strong in the birth-chart, then you will achieve success in the field of sales and marketing. Mercury is at the auspicious position in the second house, which gives you great salesmanship qualities. You will have an attractive personality due to the impact of Venus. The alliance of Venus and Mercury will give you a mild voice. You will be able to tackle any situation. You will be a good policy maker due to the impact of Rahu. Saturn is associated with public (consumer).

Other Yogas of Birth-Chart:

(1) Mercury is related to speech. This profession depends upon the speech and presentation skills. That's why Mercury is placed at an auspicious position in the birth-charts of sales persons. It is important that the Moon signs of Mercury, Venus and position of Rahu, Saturn and Mars is auspicious in the birth-chart.

(2) If Mercury makes a relation with the tenth lord while it is placed in its own sign. Venus is also placed in its own sign, the Ascendant lord makes a relation with the eleventh house or the second house. If Saturn, which is a planet of public, influences the tenth house and Rahu makes a relation with the Ascendant or the tenth house, then there is possibility of becoming a marketing executive.

(3)The second lord influences the Ascendant while it is placed in the Kendra with the eleventh lord. Rahu is known as a motor planet, if it is relates to the tenth house, then the person will be motivated to work regularly. If the Ascendant lord aspects Mercury, Venus is placed in the second or eleventh house or Rahu influences Mercury, then he will achieve success in the field of marketing.

(4) Mercury as a second lord is placed in the Ascendant. If Saturn, which is the karak planet of the fourth house, influences Mercury. Venus is the Ascendant lord and is placed in the trine house. Lord of the eleventh or twelfth house relates to Saturn or the tenth lord. The person who has these yogas in his birth-chart will achieve success in the field of marketing.

(5) If Saturn relates to the Ascendant or Ascendant lord and Rahu influences the Ascendant. Mercury makes relation to Moon. If the ninth lord is placed in the fourth house and influences the tenth house with its aspect. The Ascendant lord influences the second, eleventh or tenth house with its aspect or Venus relates to the tenth lord, then the person will get a chance to earn money in the field of marketing.

(6) If Sun is placed in the Pisces Ascendant. Mars is placed in the seventh house as second or ninth-lord along with Saturn, then it becomes the lord of the eleventh or the twelfth house. Rahu aspects the tenth house, fourth house. Therefore the person becomes a good policy maker and motivates others as well. Moon as the fifth lord is placed in the ninth house. It increases the possibility of sound economic status through a strong dhan Yoga.



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