Career in Film Industry and Astrology

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film-industry-carrerThe glitzy world of cinema has always attracted millions in the world. Today, many youngsters aspiring to become actors and get fame and popularity like their film stars are getting into the film industry. There is unlimited talent in this world. But everybody is not lucky to achieve great success in their life and become a big star like Amitabh Bachchan. Planets play a very supportive role to achieve success in this glamor world.

For Raj yoga in films, astrologers analyze periods, planetary relationships, conjunction and vision in the birth-chart. The artists associated with the television industry are also included in this field.

1. Important House:

The Ascendant/Ascendant lord should be strong in the birth-chart to become a film star. The Ascendant in the birth-chart provides an influential personality, and people will remember the person for a long time, which is the most important quality for people aspiring to make a career in the field of acting.

The person will earn his livelihood in the field of acting if the fifth house/lord is strong and forms a relationship with the tenth house/lord in the birth-chart. The fifth house is the house of entertainment and cinema and the tenth house is the house of occupation.

The interests of a person are recognized by the third house. Artistic and creative skills within a person come from this house. A person will be a good actor if the third house forms a relationship with the fifth house/lord in his birth chart. If the Ascendant/Ascendant lord is in relationship with the third house, the person will be very good in acting. He will get fame through media and communication, which are the equipments of the third house.

2. Important Planets:

A person should have a strong will power to become an actor and Moon is the kaarak of this quality. Venus is a planet associated with artistic skills. Both the planets placed in the fifth house/lord in the birth-chart will create the yoga to make a career in the field of acting. When Mercury becomes the Kaarak of voice and forms a relationship with Moon and Venus, then he will have good dialogue delivery.

For acting, Venus should be inauspicious. If Venus is not malefic in the birth-chart, then the person will not be able to demonstrate his acting skills. He will find it disgraceful and will not try to earn money from his acting skills. However, generally Venus has an inauspicious influence in the birth-chart of those associated with this field.

Venus is originally considered as the planet of luxury, winsome, pleasure, entertainment and beauty. The person will earn success in the field of entertainment when Venus forms a relationship with the fifth house/lord.

3. Directions:

If the periods of planets placed in the fifth, third and tenth house match well the person will achieve success. Age does not matter for people who want to make their career in this field, because every age group plays different character. Talent and strong fortune are the key assets in this field.

4. Transit:

Transit has its own importance. The periods and yogas sometimes are not able to give their results due to the absence of transit in the planet. Hence, transit of planets helps to fulfill the dreams of the native.

Other Yogas:

The person will get good success in the field of modeling, movies and theater if there is a placement of Venus in the tenth house from the strongest birth Ascendant or Moon Ascendant or Sun Ascendant, or if any strong planet is making a Yoga in the Navamsh Kundali.

If Mars and Jupiter is placed is in the fifth house and Venus, which is the Kaarak of entertainment, is in the second house or forms a relationship, even then the person will achieve success in the field of acting.


  • At 2010.01.08 16:11, gavesh gupta said:

    i have kalasarpa dosha

    • At 2010.01.12 22:55, Darshan said:

      career in film industry

      • At 2011.12.24 14:46, ANTHONY BAIDOO said:


        • At 2012.08.01 00:05, Arjun Bhatia said:

          my carrer in modeling

          • At 2012.08.21 03:06, vishal said:

            i had capricorn lagna with saturn in it.venus in 2nd house.venus is lord of 5th and 10th house placed in 2nd house.i had venus in between saturn and ketu which is inauspecious.
            can i become an actor or singer…….

            • At 2014.12.08 16:23, Anupam said:

              Yes.. u have sahsa yoga..with venus in the 2nd house. u can become a famous singer. u just have to be patience and acquire the singing skills. All the best!

            • At 2012.11.19 01:16, surendarkumar said:

              hai my aim is want to work in film industry like actor,am to thats
              in my 10 th house saturn ,lagana lord mars ,25/10/1988,time 4:45pm can i get chance

              • At 2013.02.24 12:45, jayesh said:

                i also want to become actor so can i
                pls tell me
                by birth date is 16 june 1992 time 18:4min means 6pm 4min pls rly me in by mail

                • At 2013.03.15 22:55, amoldaat kaur said:

                  my D.O.B is 10 nevember, 1992
                  time – 11pm
                  how will be the career of mine in acting line?

                  • At 2014.06.08 00:26, sudhanshu said:

                    My sun sign is cancer moon in scorpio leo ascendant having mars venus and mercury in fifth house jupier and sun in cancer and rahu neptune and uranus in NINTH HOUSE CAN I BECOME A BIG SUPERSTAR IN ACTING

                    • At 2014.06.08 00:29, sudhanshu said:

                      My sun sign is cancer moon in scorpio leo ascendant having mars venus And Mercury in fifth house CAN I BECOME A BIG SUPERSTAR IN ACTING

                      • At 2014.09.19 10:09, Abhishek parmar said:

                        Hi my name is Abhishek parmar, dob 22/10/1985 time 22:00 hrs, place hamirpur, himachal pradesh. struggling hard in this industry from last 2 years. pls indicate my fortune and precautions that i should take to become an actor.

                        • At 2014.11.19 20:51, nitin mundra said:

                          hi sir please provide suggestion for my carrier

                          • At 2014.12.13 14:55, kunal bansal said:

                            i want to beome a big superstar but my height is 5feet1inches only

                            • At 2015.01.21 17:02, Anant Trivedi said:

                              can i become an actor my date of birth is 7/9/2001 please tell me

                              • At 2015.02.25 17:12, siddhant shukla said:

                                Hi sir iam siddhant shukla,my sunsign is terrus,and my birthday is 3may1999,my birth time is,and iam good looking boy ,I want to become an actor and a supermodle,plz sujjest me my future through your reading

                                • At 2015.06.12 13:59, pratibha said:

                                  My dob is 7th September 1976 and birth time is 19.15 pm and place is Alibaug maharashtra. .I m very much attracted towards film industry. ..M I able to get success in serials or singing

                                  • At 2015.06.21 21:05, Amitabh Mukherkee said:

                                    DOB -14081980,TOB-2:20AM,Plc Bangalore, Please advise if I can choose movies as career.

                                    • At 2015.06.21 21:06, Amitabh Mukherjee said:

                                      DOB -14081980,TOB-2:20AM,Plc Bangalore, Please advise if I can choose movies as career.

                                      • At 2015.07.22 17:16, Siddharth said:

                                        I have venus in Pisces in the fifth house. Saturn in 3rd house. Can I get into the field of cinema?

                                        • At 2015.08.06 00:48, Akash Lakhani said:

                                          my details
                                          place- Porbandar(Gujarat)

                                          i want to become actor please suggest me when to start my career?

                                          • At 2015.09.18 17:58, Kshitij Walia said:

                                            My name is kshitij walia.I am keenly interested in becoming a superstar- actor.My date of birth is 10.7.1999. My height is 6-6’2.Sir,please tell are there any chances of mine becoming an actor-superstar?

                                            • At 2015.09.18 17:58, Kshitij Walia said:

                                              My name is kshitij walia.I am very much interested in becoming a superstar- actor.My date of birth is 10.7.1999. My height is 6-6’2.Sir,please tell are there any chances of mine becoming an actor-superstar?

                                              • At 2015.11.19 18:19, Dreamgirl said:

                                                Sir, i hav venus and sun in first house, moon in 2nd, nothng in 3rd, mars in 4th, nothng also in 5th and 10th houses. My rashi is meen, and ascendant is kumbh with budh, shani and rahu in 12th house. Can u tell about my career in acting and direction? And guru and ketu in 6th house. I want to direct as well as be an actress..

                                                • At 2015.11.26 07:03, ankita mukherjee said:

                                                  my fiancees name is ankita mukherjee she was born on 4th august 1989 at bally,howrah ,westbengal.iwant to kow what are her chances to become as an actor

                                                  • At 2015.12.02 18:35, Shivaram said:

                                                    Helo am shivaram am interested to be an actor in film industry suitable for me or not….
                                                    Date of birth: September 1 1994
                                                    Time of birth : 11.52 am
                                                    Place of birth : Pondicherry

                                                    • At 2016.01.16 02:30, kiruthika said:

                                                      Hiim kiruthika I want to become an actress. This is my long term dreams. I want to marry a famous film celebrity. Dob:05.12.1986 time:4.50pm place:chennai

                                                      • At 2016.01.27 20:57, Jaydeep said:

                                                        Hello am jaydee am interested to be an actor in film industry suitable for me or not….
                                                        Date of birth: September 19 1991
                                                        Time of birth : 11.08 am
                                                        Place of birth : Surat

                                                        • At 2016.02.21 21:02, nitin mundra said:

                                                          nitin mundra 26-11-1983 6:55 am dewas i am very interested in acting and dancing line so please advise me

                                                          • At 2016.02.26 21:20, S said:

                                                            Dear Sir,
                                                            I am at a very critical junction in life where I have cleared all interviews and medical tests but, always lack in merit list. But, there is a hidden urge in me to become a celebrity since childhood. My family supports me 50% for this, which is why I am passionate about acting have done a few assignments, got recognition but, haven’t taken it up as a career.
                                                            Please advice me if I should forget all worries and finally go for a career in acting whole heartedly.
                                                            Sir please I need your guidance as soon as possible.
                                                            My details are:

                                                            Date of birth: 17th Nov 1991
                                                            Place of birth: New Delhi
                                                            Time of birth: 09:42 AM

                                                            Thank you for reading sir.

                                                            • At 2016.04.03 09:04, vaishali said:

                                                              hello my name is vaishali
                                                              i am intrested and passionate about acting dancing drama
                                                              i wanna be a bollywood celeb
                                                              tell me the remedies

                                                              dob : 20th aug 1995
                                                              tob : 6:00 am
                                                              place of birth : newd delhi

                                                              • At 2016.04.14 02:03, neha said:

                                                                hi i want to become an actress in the indian film industry, could u tell me if it would be suitable or not. If not ..then could u tell me if being associated with bollywood in some way like art direction would be good ?
                                                                october 5 85

                                                                • At 2016.05.18 17:40, Kartik mehra said:

                                                                  sir I want to successful actress in TV as well as in films Also…..acting is my pasion ……my dob …17/3/95, timing-18.05pm
                                                                  tell me its suit for me yes or not…..reply fast

                                                                  • At 2016.05.23 16:39, shubham Talukdar said:

                                                                    Hello I am Shubham an interested to become a actor
                                                                    Suitable for me or not…
                                                                    Date of birth: November 7 1994
                                                                    Time of birth: 4:45am
                                                                    Place of birth: Kolkata

                                                                    • At 2016.06.15 15:03, vicky said:

                                                                      Ram Ram I am Vicky and working as Asst. Director passed many years I have few good stories which would like to make films. Can I become film director and when which year.please reply.
                                                                      Date of Birth: 18/12/1960
                                                                      Time of Birth:13:55:00 Mumbai.

                                                                      • At 2016.09.12 19:32, Karthickraja said:

                                                                        My date of birth is 20 July 1985
                                                                        My sun sign is leo and nakshatra is maham
                                                                        Laknam is maharam

                                                                        • At 2016.11.01 21:50, Himanshu said:

                                                                          i have a capricon asscident..with sartun in 2nd house(own sign),venus-moon conjucation in 7th house in cancer sign…sun in 8th house in own sign..mercury(exalted),mars &jupitor in 9th house &nodes ketu in 5th house & rahu in 11th currently venus-venus dasha is running…i wanted to be actor…is there any yog in my hproscope ???..i m sucessfull in this field ???…plz rpl as soin as posible

                                                                          • At 2016.12.30 12:40, Vijendra said:

                                                                            I wanna be an actor can i get success…. And what stone should i got..

                                                                            • At 2017.02.14 23:08, Vijendra said:

                                                                              Pls tell me can i get sucess on acting. Wanna bevome an actor d. O. B. 28-05-1985 11:15 pm pauri Uttarakhand

                                                                              • At 2017.03.02 14:36, Hitesh said:

                                                                                Sir I becomes be an actor so tell me I am going to film industry or not my dob is 7/3/1993 time 23:58 place Varanasi

                                                                                • At 2017.07.04 20:36, Rushabh Jain said:

                                                                                  I Rushabh Jain interested in Cinematography and wants to become Cinematographer.Will i get success in film industry?
                                                                                  Place ofbirth:Pune,India

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