Astrology & First Salary


First salary is special for everyone. The moment a person gives his first salary to a senior member of his family or to his wife is always very satisfying and pleasant. There are some rules in Astrology to know when will a person get his first salary. The correct period or transit can be determined by applying the following rules:

1. Relationship between the Planets Associated with the Tenth house/Tenth lord: When Mahadasha or sub-period of planets located in the tenth house meets during a person's age of occupation, then he may get his first salary. When the period of planets and transits meet at the right time, the possibilities of income are very high. Parashari Astrology has a rule that periods of the 10th lord/house always give auspicious results. These periods play an important role in the success of an individual.

Similarly, he may get his salary during Mahadasha of the 10th house/lord, or during the sub-periods of the lord of the 11th house and the planets present in the house. The 10th house is the house of duty and the eleventh house is the house of results. Combination of these houses creates the yoga for salary. Planets in the 11th house also increase the possibilities for auspicious results. Planets placed in the house influence the period of results, hence they also determine the period to earn income.

2. When the 10th, 9th, 11th and 2nd lord form an auspicious yoga in the birth-chart and the period is also associated with these planets, then the possibilities to get first salary increase. However to get your first salary, at least two of these lords should form a relationship in the period of transit.

The 10th lord is considered for vocation, the ninth lord for the auspiciousness of fortune, the 11th lord for the benefits and the 2nd lord for savings. All of them are dependent and influence each other. Their relationship during periods or sub-periods indicates fruitful results. For instance, Mahadasha of the tenth lord, sub-period of the 11th lord and sub-sub-period of the 2nd lord or the 9th lord in the birth-chart is very beneficial.

3. Indu lagna is considered in relation to money. The aspect of auspicious planets or exalted planets on the Indu lagna makes the native rich and if the situation is totally opposite, then your income can be affected. The influence of common planets will give common results in matters of money or income.

The period or sub-period of the lord of the sign where Indu lagna is located creates high possibilities of getting salary or money. In addition it will also be auspicious if Indu lagna is located in the 10th or the 11th house.

Besides this, if planets of income yoga influence the 10th or 11th lord during the period or transit, then the person will get his salary. Above all, the person should also be hard working because if he does not work hard, he will not get fruitful results.

4. If the tenth-lord influences the 10th or the 11th house or the signs in Mahadasha/sub-period during transit, the person will get his income. Many a times, great yogas do not give fruitful results in the birth-chart because they are not in transit.

Suppose you have lots of jewelry but you wear it only on any occasion or festival. Similarly yogas give their results only when they are in transit in the birth-chart. It is important for the native to get transit at the right time. For instance, if the transit of Jupiter and Saturn is in the 10th house in the birth-chart during his childhood, then the person will not get any income.

5. Saturn is known as kaal (time-period) in Astrology. It determines the time of an incident or event in the birth-chart. Similarly, Jupiter is considered as the blessing planet. The person will get his first salary when Saturn or Jupiter transits through the 10th house/lord or 11th house/lord. Any auspicious or major event cannot be complete without the influence of Saturn or Jupiter.



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