Importance of Navamsa in Shodashvarga


Navamsa has a special importance in Shodash Varga. It brings various important issues of life to light. If the birth-chart is body, then its soul lies in the Shodash Varga. We can precisely analyze the events in the life of a person through the Shodash Varga.

Shodash Varga in the Birth-chart

When you show your birth-chart to an astrologer, he closely studies the Shodash Varga for an accurate analysis. The birth-chart does not give complete results without considering these sections. We can only know about the body, nature, structure and health of a person from the birth chart, while each Varga of Shodash Varga helps to know about the events of our life. Each Varga of Shodash Varga is associated with a different part of our life. You will not know accurately about the section of your life, if you do not analyze the Varga associated with it.

Navamsa Kundali

All the Vargas in the Shodash Varga have their own importance, but Navams has a special place. Navams is the ninth part of a sign, which is of 3 degrees and 20 min. It means that there are Navams of nine signs in each sign.
There is one rule which determines the Navams in nine signs. Such as in Aries sign the first Navams is Aries, second Taurus, third Gemini, fourth Cancer, fifth Leo, sixth Virgo, seventh Libra, eighth Scorpio and ninth Sagittarius. The ninth Navams marks the end of Aries sign and beginning of Taurus. And in Taurus, the first Navams is next to the last Navams of Aries. So in Taurus, the first Navams is Capricorn, second Aquarius, third Pisces, fourth Aries, Fifth Taurus, sixth Gemini, seventh Cancer, eighth Leo and ninth Virgo. Then again in Gemini, the first Navams is Libra, second Scorpio, Third Sagittarius, Fourth Capricorn, Fifth Aquarius, Sixth PIsces, Seventh Aries, Eighth Taurus and ninth Navams of Gemini. This is how the Navams of signs progresses.

Mathematical Calculations of Navamsa

There is a mathematical method prescribed in Vedic Astrology to calculate the Navamsa. According to this system, the Rashi number is multiplied by nine and the value is divided by 3/20. The resulting value is added to the degrees to get the Navamsa.

Navamsa Kundali and Birth-chart

If the birth-chart is body then the Navamsa chart is its soul. Both are incomplete without each other. The results of a planet cannot be determined without the birth-chart. It shows the strength of planets and the ups and downs of life. The planets which are in the malefic position in the Ascendant chart, but in the benefic position in the Navams are not considered inauspicious planets. If a planet is in the same sign in the Ascendant and the Navams, then it is considered very auspicious. If the conjunction of Ascendant lord of birth-chart and Navams chart is auspicious, then the person will lead a happy life. In Astrology, it is also believed that if there is a Raj Yoga in the Ascendant chart, but in the Navams it is not in a good position, then the results of Raj Yoga may not be benefic. However, if the position in the birth-chart is not benefic but Raj Yoga is created in the Navams, then the results of Raj Yoga will be auspicious.
In context of Marriage, if the birth-charts of bride and groom do not match in the Ascendant-chart, but match in the Navams, then their marriage is considered auspicious in this position.



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