Samvartak Yoga and Dagdha Yoga are Inauspicious for Auspicious Events

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chakra-001There are many inauspicious yogas which are formed from the Tithi and day. Here we will discuss two such yogas which are made from the combination of the Tithi and day, named Samvartak yoga and Dagdha Yoga. They are inauspicious for all auspicious events.

According to Vedic astrology, when Pratipada (first Tithi) is present on Wednesday then Samvartak Yoga foms and when the seventh Tithi falls on Sunday then Samvartak Yoga forms. Samwartak yoga is an inauspicious yoga. Therefore auspicious events should not be performed in Samwartak yoga.

The next inauspicious Yoga is the Dagdha Yoga. Dagdha yoga is the result of the combination of day and date.

Dagdha Yoga would be generated on any day if Tithi and day combine with each other. Let us consider those combinations of Tithi and day which form Dagdha Yoga.

  • 1. When the twelfth Tithi falls on Sunday then this Dagdha Yoga forms.
  • 2. If Monday is the day and the Tithi is the eleventh Tithi then this inauspicious Yoga forms.
  • 3. If Tuesday is the day and the Tithi is the fifth Tithi then you may face problems in auspicious works due to Dagdha Yoga.
  • 4. If the third Tithi falls on Wednesday then inauspicious Dagdha yoga forms.
  • 5. If the Tithi is the sixth Tithi and the day is Thursday then this combination will give Dagdha Yoga.
  • 6. If Friday falls on the eighth Tithi then Dagdha Yoga forms.
  • 7. If Saturday is the day and the Tithi is the ninth Tithi then you should not perform any auspicious event in this combination.

Dagdha Yoga is inauspicious for traveling.


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    • At 2011.01.06 02:21, Sunil said:


      I have atigand yog which is the reason for not having success in life. Please let me know any puja or any remedy I can do to better my situation.

      Thank you

      • At 2015.02.28 23:58, bhussit said:

        Vishnu sahasranam is the only trust worthy remedy for these things.
        Visit tirumala/tirupati and pray sincerely to the kaliyuga daivam venkateswara.
        All rasi/janma nakstra negative karma will be destroyed.
        rituals are useless in kaliyug. only bhakti can save. if u read the venkatchala mahatyam it is very clearly stated there.

      • At 2016.09.08 15:00, anil khilnani said:

        i have hamsa yoga but no sucess in life my money is also stuck with my relatives and lots of loan to be repaid to my brother remedies please

        • At 2016.09.27 16:34, Sam S said:

          If on friday ashtami is inauspicious then will amavasya also be not favourable as both tithis are ruled by Rahu? Is this list derived from planetary friendships?

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