Jupiter And its Transit through Aquarius

Jupiter-AquariusWhile Astronomy is an ocean covering all the planets, space and other related elements as a form of science. Astrology is a complete science, dealing with the impact and influence of the cosmic powers of nine planets on human beings. The powerful rays of the Nine Planets certainly has a bearing on the human life. It is a matter of faith and trust on the science of Astrology, but definitely the one who analyzes and predicts should have a thorough knowledge of the science and its impact on various individuals, not only by virtue of theory but also with an in-depth analysis of practical experiences.

Now let us come to the point straight away about the effects and impact of the “Transit of Jupiter through Aquarius”, which will happen on 20 Dec 2009.

According to the famous astrologer Jupiter occupies a significant place among all the nine planets because it is associated with Poorva Janma Punyaa and the debit or credit which reflects in the activities of the person.

Millions of people are born and brought up in every corner of the globe and many live their life without making any significant achievement. If one wanted to fulfill all his/her desires, he/she should possess:
  • 1. An understanding and loving spouse
  • 2. Good children
  • 3. Limited wealth
If a person achieves all these things the peace and prosperity will flourish in his family life and house. Jupiter is the significator of wealth, character, success, honor, divine powers and health. These are the attributes of Jupiter let us now go through the position of Jupiter in the birth-chart.

If Jupiter is strong and auspicious in the birth-chart the native will reap benefits and good results. If Jupiter is debilitated it will may give opposite results.

Jupiter is also known as the ‘Guru’ and ‘Brahaspathi’. It possess auspicious or pure qualities, which are listed in the the famous work of “Madhav Eyam” in one shloka “The compassionate Brahma created the float i.e. Jupiter to cross the sea of Doshaas, and reach the opposite coast of auspicious karmas”. This clearly shows the importance of Jupiter in astrology.

In mythological terms Jupiter is an ideal of gods. In astrology it is a knowledge and intelligence of Kaala Purusha. Jupiter was born to Angirasa maharishi and Chitra Devi. Saivites portrays it as Dakshinaamoorthy while Vaishnavi consider it as Vishnu. Astrologers believe that Jupiter is the only capable planet which can ward off the in-auspiciousness and bestow auspiciousness.

Sagittarius is the sign of Jupiter therefore the person born in this sign is adventurous, love sports, learned, respect laws, inclined towards philosophy and possess leadership qualities.He also have the knowledge of astrology and mythology. He respects elders and teachers too.

Jupiter is the Lord of Pisces sign,therefore the person is peaceful and steady in nature. He is also not swayed by bad company and abide by laws. When Jupiter is located in an auspicious position in the birth-chart and the person is suffering from health diseases then the medical treatment will be effective for him. When Jupiter is inauspicious the person may undergo various problems due to his carelessness, gambling, over confidence. He will bear loss and conflicts with children are also possible.

Jupiter is a masculine planet, and rules Rig Veda. It has its full aspect on the 5th and 9th house.It owns Punarvasu, Visaka, Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatras. Venus and Mercury are enemy planets while Saturn is neutral and rest are friendly planets of Jupiter.

Jupiter represents the faith of the native towards spirituality and his peaceful nature. If Jupiter is placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house the person may not get appropriate results for his efforts. Because Jupiter is malefic in these house therefore the person need to perform moral acts to wipe out all the deficits.

Last time when Jupiter transit through Capricorn it created chaos all over the world. For instance: Economic Recession in America and its impact in Europe and India, thousands of people lost their jobs in I. T. companies and many leading F. M. C. G companies were also affected, floods in China and other countries, Terrorists attack in different nations. etc., who can forget the 26/11 attack in Mumbai. Failures of attempts to send rockets in the outer space, many leading banks collapsed all over the world, new fatal diseases, such as Swine Flu, price of gold and other commodities shooting up to unprecedented scale, Oil touching nearly $100 dollars per barrel.

In comparison with tragedies mentioned above the transit of Jupiter through Aquarius this year is considered relevant. Many are anticipating improved conditions starting with a good steady and smooth life for homemakers, especially for career women, economic recession is also losing strength and slowly coming back to normal, corruption spread by politicians along with big business houses, health problems may also improve. Overall one can expect better conditions and peaceful environment during Jupiter's transit in Aquarius.

Since Jupiter transits through Capricorn to Aquarius, from debilitated to a friendly sign therefore we can expect favorable and auspicious results this year.

Let us all pray for healthy and peaceful year ahead and conclude this article with shloka of Brahaspathi;
“Devaanamcha Risheenaamcha Gurum Kaanchana Sannibam Buddhi Bootham Thrilokesam Tham Namami Biruhaspathim”



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