Muhurat For Wearing New Clothes

In ancient times people used to select Muhurat for every auspicious work. By the time the importance of Muhurat increased people started selecting Muhurat for each and every activity related to their daily life.

People select Muhurat for their business meetings and wearing new clothes like before. Let us see how to determine an auspicious Muhurat for this work:

1. Red colored Clothes
Tuesday is auspicious for wearing red clothes. The presence of utrafalguni, utrashada, utrabhadrapada, pushya and punarvasu naskhatra are inauspicious for wearing red clothes. Do not wear new clothes on Sunday otherwise it may not have a long life. Monday and Tuesday are also not favorable for wearing new clothes. Wednesday is very auspicious for wearing new clothes and good for economic benefits. If you wear new clothes on Thursday your knowledge will increase. If you wear new clothes on Friday you will make new friends and your friend circle will increase. Do not wear new clothes on Saturday.

2. If New Clothes are Burnt:
Sometimes your new clothes get burnt or teared off. In that situation it is viewed that which side is burnt because god rests in all the external four sides of a cloth. From top to bottom demon rests at the middle and Man in the remaining part. So in this way the results are assessed by analyzing the side of the cloth which is burnt or teared off.

1. God's side
This situation is an indicative of good news. If you are unable to determine the burnt side then divide the cloth in nine equal parts. All the four parts of one piece of cloth are considered as the area of god.

2. Demon's Side

If the demon's side is burnt or teared off it is inauspicious. It may be harmful for you therefore you should stay careful in that situation.

3. Man's side

If the Man's side gets burn or tear off it is auspicious. You will live a luxurious life with all comforts and conveniences.

3.Muhurat for Changing Bed sheet and Mat
This activity is auspicious to do in the presence of anuradha nakshatra, revati, mrighshira, bharani, punarvasu, chitra, hast, utrashada, utrabhadrapada, utrafalguni, shravana, pushya, rohini. If you do it in the presence of any of these nakshatras your bed sheet and mat will be strong. The auspiciousness of Muhurat will give you favorable results.

4. Muhurat to wear blue colored clothes:

Punarvasu nakshatra is auspicious to wear blue clothes. Ghanishtha, ashwini, hast, swati, vishakha, utrashada, utrabhadrapada and utraflguni are also favorable. If you wear new clothes in these nakshatras and on Saturday then it will be very auspicious for you.

5. Muhurat to wear fur clothes:

Punarvasu, ghanishtha, ashwini, hast, swati, vishakha, utrashada, utrabhadrapada and utrafalguni are auspicious nakshatras to wear fur clothes. You can also wear them in revati or pushya nakshatra.

6. Muhurat for silk clothes
Silk clothes can be worn in the presence of nakshatras mentioned above for fur clothes. They are auspicious to wear on Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. All the stable nakshatras and shravana nakshatra are suitable for wearing silk clothes. If you wear them in stable Ascendant the auspiciousness of the Muhurat will get increased.

7. Auspicious Nakshatras for wearing New Clothes
If you wear new clothes in Bharani nakshatra your expenditure will be high. Your clothes may get burnt if you wear them in kritika nakshatra. Rohini nakshatra is very auspicious for wearing new clothes. If you wear new clothes in mrighshira nakshatra your clothes may get burnt or tear off. Aadra nakshtra is not auspicious for wearing new clothes. Punarvasu and pushya nakshatra are favorable your wealth will increase and you will celebrate auspicious occasions and festivals with your family and also perform spiritual activities.

Avoid wearing new clothes in ashlesha, magha or purvafalguni nakshatra. If you wear new clothes in utrafalguni nakshatra money will flow with in your house. Hast nakshatra help achieve success in your work. Chitra nakshatra will also support and increase your wealth.

If you wear new clothes in swati and vishakha nakshatra you will enjoy your life with all luxurious amenities. If you wear new clothes in anuradha nakshatra you will make new friends. In jyeshtha nakshatra you may have high possibility for theft of your clothes. Utrashada is favorable nakshatra for wearing new clothes while shravana nakshatra is inauspicious. If you wear new clothes in ghanishtha nakshatra your sources of income will increase. Utrabhadrapada is also favorable nakshatra. Shatbhisha and purvabhadrapada nakshatra are not good for wearing new clothes therefore avoid them. If you wear new clothes in Revati Naskhatra you will get good news or some auspicious thing.



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