Consideration of Disease Through Prashna Kundali

Human body is made up of earth, water, space, fire and air. Our body is influenced by planets and Nakshatras. When Nakshatras and planets are in auspicious positions, then we will enjoy a healthy life. But if they are inauspicious in the birth-chart, then we may face various health related problems.

Astrologers say that planets are always moving. Therefore, every person is influenced by diseases in his whole life. According to Prashna Kundli, diseases are considered from the sixth house and Mars is the Karak planet of the sixth house. If Mars is placed in the sixth house, then the person may suffer from various diseases.

Aspect of auspicious planets on the sixth house will be beneficial for health. Aspect of malefic planets will increase health problems. Mars is known as an auspicious planet while it is placed in the sixth house. Let us find out the reason of diseases while Mars is placed in the sixth house.

This is the most serious question and we have to find an answer from the principles of astrology. According to these principles, houses of the planets which are located in the trine houses, which are the sixth, eighth and twelfth house, may get bad influence because trine houses are inauspicious in the birth-chart. These facts describe the difference between nature and principles of astrology.

Precise research on diseases concludes that Nakashatras also play a very important role in astrology. If Nakshatras of Rahu which are Adra, Swati and Shatbhisha; and Nakshatras of Ketu which are Magha, Ashwini and Moola influence the Ascendant or its lord and the sixth house or its lord in the birth-chart of a person, then he may suffer from any serious disease. If the lord of any one trine house is placed in another trine house, then Rajyoga will form and the person will get relief from his diseases.

When the lord of the eighth house has reached to the twelfth house, then he will have longevity. If each planet is the lord of two signs and if any one sign is placed in the trine house and if the second sign is placed in another house, which is not considered as a trine house, then opposite Rajyoga will form in the birth-chart. Apart from opposite Rajyoga, house in which planet of another sign is placed, may give inauspicious results to the native.

Therefore, predictions should be done after a lot of consideration in astrology.



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  1. 15 October, 2015 09:41:51 PM mrudula

    my son has undergone anjioplasty. since then he is unable to enjoy married life.when he will be allright?

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    My younger brother Mr.Jayesh has been hospitalised since 22/06/2015 and has been operated,will he be OK?

  3. 31 May, 2010 09:42:07 PM SETHI

    yeah my question related with my nephew i want know he is siuffering from left eyes sight , will he improve or not