History of Lal Kitab and its Difference with Vedic Astrology

In the eighteenth century, in one of the regions of Punjab which comes under Pakistan at present, Pandit Girdhari Lal Sharma was placed on a government post under British government. British government, while digging land in Lahore, found some boards on which Urdu and Persian words were inscribed.

These boards were shown to Pandit Girdhari Lal Sharma, who was one of the scholars of astrology and he also had the knowledge of Urdu, Persian and Sanskrit language. After researching for many years, he found that these boards were related to Lal Kitab scriptures.

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During Mughal empire, people were more interested in astrology. They researched Indian literature- Veda, Upnishad, philosophy and astrology. At that time people were aware of Lal Kitab. Predictions and remedies of Lal kitab were more influential in comparison to its mathematical calculations, which was appreciated by Arab countries specially. Pdt. Girdhari lal ji translated these scriptures from Urdu and Persian language into Hindi language with a lot of hard work. In 1936 he published it in Arabic language in Lahore in the name Lal Kitab. This book was very famous among people of Lahore because remedies of Lal Kitab are very easy to perform and they can be performed by any person without any help.

However, many superstitions are prevalent about Lal Kitab. Some people say that these scriptures were created after there was some voice from the sky, whereas some people say that it was created by the scholars of Arab. But in reality, these scriptures were created in India during Mughal empire, and British government found these scriptures during digging in India. Then Lal Kitab reached Arab countries and scholars there modified it according to their land and culture.

There are many differences between Lal Kitab and Vedic astrology. Indian Vedic astrology gives importance to the Ascendant, but Lal Kitab does not give importance to the Ascendlant. Lal Kitab considers Aries as the Ascendant. Their mathematical calculation is also different. In Vedic astrology, astrologers predict on the basis of VargaKundli, Navmansh and Dashmansh whereas Lal Kitab predicts on the basis of blind Kundali and Kundali of immature planets. There is even a special method to consider aspects of planets in Lal Kitab.

After the analysis of differences between Lal Kitab and vedic astrology, if a person considers only the remedies and ignores the mathematical calculations and predictions of Lal Kitab, then he will get many benefits.



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