Consideration of Rajju Vargha, Rajju Dosha or Rajju Porutham

Marriages are made in heaven but they are matched by different methods on earth. Horoscopes of girl and boy are matched through Beeskoota in south Indian astrology. Rajju compatibility or Rajju  Porutham is one of the Koota under this Bees Koota. Let us learn more about Rajju Vargha and its different types.

There are two methods of calculating Rajju Varga or Rajju  Porutham in South Indian astrology. In the first method, three Shivlingas are drawn and four straight lines are drawn on their top. Then all the nakshatras starting from Ashwin are laid on the chart from the North-west corner in clock-wise order. If the nakshatras of the prospective bride and groom fall on a place where there is only one connecting line, or no connecting lines, then Rajju does not match. There may be a lack of co-ordination between them, which will give rise to conflicts.

Now that we know the first method to calculate Rajju varga or Rajju  Porutham, let's proceed to the second. In the second method three nakshatras are laid on each phalange of the three fingers of hand, except the index finger. In this manner all 27 nakshatras are laid on three fingers. If the nakshatras of husband and wife are on the same phalange, then it is considered inauspicious. This combination on the middle phalange is considered very inauspicious.
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Apart from the above mentioned methods, there is one more method of Rajju Vargha that is used to match horoscopes of the bride and groom.
It is known as Panch Nadi Chakra. It is also known as Panch Rajju. Panch Rajju are of five types:

  • 1. Padrajju,
  • 2. Ururujju,
  • 3. Nabhirajju,
  • 4. Kanthrajju
  • 5. Shirorajju.
The Nakshatras of the Girl and the Boy should not fall within the same Rajju. If they fall within same Rajju, it is considered as Eka Rajju or Rajju Dosha and becomes incompatible.

All types of Rajju have their own importance. According to Vedic astrology, if the nakshatras of bride and groom are in the Padrajju, then husband and wife may live far from each other. If the Nakshatras of husband and wife are placed in Ururajju, then they may face financial problems in their married life. If their Nakshatras are placed in Nabhirajju, then they may get adverse effects in concern of their child. Kanthrajju is inauspicious for girls. If the nakshatras of bride and groom are placed in Kanthrajju, then wife may face problems in life after marriage. Similarly, if the Nakshatras of couple are placed in shirorajju, then husband may face problems in life after marriage.

If the nakshatras of husband and wife are in different Rajju, then they will live happy married life. If the Nakshatras of groom are in the Aroh order and the nakshatras of bride are in the Avroh order, then they will enjoy their married life for a long time.



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  1. 07 August, 2018 02:05:21 AM Judix


  2. 02 January, 2018 08:54:05 AM shruthi

    what is aroh order

  3. 12 December, 2017 09:33:03 PM m.usha

    sir my daughter star is ashwini and proposed sonin law star is makkam . it comes under padarajju . kindly advise whether to proceed or not

  4. 12 December, 2017 09:30:51 PM m.usha

    sir my daughter star is ashwini and proposed son star is makkam . it comes under padarajju . kindly advise whether to proceed or not

  5. 26 October, 2017 09:22:28 PM sreenivasa sastry

    My daughter's nakshtra is uttaraashada and bridegrooms nakshatra is uttara. Both nakstras are in udhararajju. Kindly enlighten me the its effects and remedies.

  6. 05 March, 2017 03:12:20 PM athira

    Hloo sir ,me and my husband is same nakhatra . We are both avittam i hear that there is a sirasu raju.

  7. 26 May, 2016 05:21:56 PM LOGESHWARI

    my star is bharani and my fiance star is anusham .we are having rajju dosham.PLEASE HELP US .i LOVE HIM SO MUCH

  8. 24 February, 2016 08:01:29 PM R.pravinsankar

    My son star is Hastha and bride star is SwathyBoth are in khanda rajji.asper aroh and avaroh they are diff rajji shall i accept and proceed further

  9. 24 February, 2016 07:57:34 PM R.pravinsankar

    My Son R.pravinsankar star is HasthamBride star is Swathy.Astrologer says asper aroh and avaroh both are diff rajji.He is advising me to accept the jathagam.Please advise me to proceed further.

  10. 04 January, 2016 11:55:19 AM Arya

    My star is uthrittathi and my groom's is pooradam.. we are having urur rajju dosham.. what should we do... plz help