Relevance of Moon in Prashna Kundali and Vedic Astrology

Moon has an important place in astronomy and astrology. Moon is not only a satellite of earth, but it is one of the special Karaks which influence human life deeply. Moon occupies a very high position in astrology since ancient times.

According to Vedic astrology, Moon is the significator of mind and has a playful nature. Moon rotates fast among all the planets. Moon completes one Nakshatra in one day and one sign in 2 1/4 days because of its high speed. Moon completes its cycle in 27 days and starts its rotation again in signs and Nakshatras.

Moon birth-chart should also be made along with the Ascendant birth-chart. As per Vedic astrology, when a child is born the sign in which Moon is placed will be considered as the sign of the child. Vimshottari Dasha will begin from the lord of that Nakshatra in which Moon is placed at the time of birth. Moon sign is responsible for sadhesati and dhaiyya. Many yogas are formed with Moon in the Kundli.

Moon has equal importance in Prashna Kundali and Vedic astrology. A person can achieve success in his activities because of Moon. Moon moves quickly and its auspicious aspect on the tenth house or its lord gives good results. Whether a person will achieve success in his acts or not is determined by Moon, which is the main significator here. In Prashna Kundali, aspect of Moon on the tenth house or its lord will help to achieve success in work.

For example: If a person wants to know whether he will achieve success in business or not, then firstly his birth-chart will be formed through Prashna Kundali. Then the position of the Ascendant or its lord and eleventh house or its lord is considered. If these houses and planets are in good positions and if Moon aspects the eleventh house while it is placed in the fifth house or Moon aspects the eleventh house by its seventh aspect, then he will achieve success in his business. If the Ascendant or its lord and tenth lord are in good position but Moon is weak in the birth-chart, then he may face problems in business.

Now, we can understand the relevance of Moon in Vedic astrology and Prashna astrology.



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