Planetary Mounts on your hand. part-1


Samudra Sashtra or Palmistry is one of the most popular predictive science in the field of Astrology. It analyzes palm lines, size of palm, nails, color of palm and the different positions of planetary mounts in the palm of an individual. On this basis, astrologers can predict his prospects.

What is Planetary mount?
As you are already aware that there are nine planets in total. These planets according to Vedic Astrology are assigned a particular place in an individual's palm. It refers to a specific place of a planet in your palm. Each of these planetary-mounts is equipped with gravitation force. Due to this force, each of the planetary mounts in your palm generates energy to all your body-parts, especially your mind and heart. In result, the planets will have a favorable or unfavorable impact on your fortunes.

Let's now discuss in detail the position and impact of each of the planets on your fortune:-

According to Palmistry, each of the planet delivers favorable or unfavorable impact according to the position of planetary mount in your palm.

Jupiter in your plam is commonly figured just under the third (tergni ungli) finger. If it is characterized in a bumpy shape, you will be gifted with qualities to lead and manage things efficiently.

Due to the bumpy shape of Jupiter in your palm, you are likely to have a religious  nature. In result, you will always ready to help other people. Due to the growth and development of mount Jupiter, you will also be able to develop as a person with an affection to  justice.

Remember, the position of planetary mount of Jupiter in the hand varies from one individual to another.

If Jupiter in your palm is placed at a relatively higher place, it's impact can be seen on your physique as well. And you may be rather gorgeous than thin in your appearance.

If the planetary mount related to Jupiter in your palm is developed in excess, it might have an unfavorable impact on your fortune. In result, you may have to struggle to develop such precious virtues as of leadership and the ability to manage and organise. Such people are also likely to be more fond of respect than wealth.

Due to the over-developed state of Jupiter in your palm, you might also grow a bit proudy and a man who loses his calm and composure rather easily. Similarly, if the Jupiter mount is under-developed, you might be physically thin and weak.

If the mount of Jupiter in your palm is featured in a rather flat place, you may have to struggle to develop yourself as a broad-minded personality. Untill, you deveop a good thinking power,  you should take precautions to remain away from anti-social and evil elements.

Saturn in your palm is commonly featured under the middle finger of your palm. Palmistry says that if the planetary mount of Saturn is in a developed state, you will be a person with a good fortune. Such people doesn't have to work much to get favorable results.

Since the line related to Fate in the above state of mount Saturn will also touch Saturn without having undergone any interruptions, you will be able cover miles after miles of success in your life. Little wonder, the developed state of mount-Saturn will also bless you with virtues of duty and responsibility.

However, the developed state of mount-Saturn is also likely to help you explore yourself, it might also have an unfavourable impact on your fortune. Due to a negative impact of the developed state of mount-Saturn, the native might begin to lead a life of a loner. And in extreme cases, such people should take precautions because it might lead to dangerous consequences.

If mount-Saturn in your palm is in a flat place, you might develop a taste higher than life. Due to which, it might appear that life is secondary for you.

Unlike mount-Jupiter, if mount Saturn is unusually developed, the native will be unusually fortunate. Little wonder, it might appear that such people will move on the path of progress due to their good fortune.

However if there are many lines on the mount-Saturn, the natives need to acquire the necessary confidence and courage. Such a person is also likely to have unusual sexual attraction.

Mount of Apollo:
Commonly, mount Sun in your palm is featured in the root of a finger called Anamika (Ring Finger). According to Palmistry, it is the place of intelligence, kindness, liberal behaviour and success.

If mount-Sun in your palm is in a bumpy shape, it will be a symbol of name and fame. Due to such a developed state of mount Sun, you will be blessed with such precious values as confidence and strong determination. In result, you can easily move forward with people with a feeling of brotherhood and fellow-feeling.

If mount Sun in the palm of a native is in a undeveloped state, the native is likely to get attracted to beauty. And if he doesn't follow his interest with all sincerity and commitment he may have face failure.

Due to an underdeveloped mount-Sun, you might get bare minimum support from it. Due to the over developed state of mount Sun, your pride and self-confidence might develop into false pride.

Due to the flat or deeply placed shape of mount-Sun, you need to struggle to develop your own thinking. If you don't make all the necessary efforts, you may have to satisfy to lead a common life.



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