Auspicious Time to Hold New Position According to the Birth-Bird - Janm Pakshi

Panch Pakshi System - Jabam Pakshi

The five birds on which Panch Pakshi system astrology is based are Vulture, Owl, Crow, Rooster and Peacock. They all are busy in different activities during the day and keep changing their work according to time. The bird in the ruling activity has maximum influence on the native.

The Ruling Bird is the most Powerful Bird

The bird which is busy in the ruling activity will be the most powerful bird in all. According to astrology, planet or bird which is strongest will give most auspicious results and if that bird is a friend of the birth-bird then auspicious results will increase.

If a person performs some special and important acts in the period of the ruling activity of the birth-bird then results will be auspicious for a long time. Let us consider the influence of the ruling bird:

1. Birth Bird - Janam Pakshi is in the Ruling Activity
When the birth-bird is in the ruling activity then the person will hold his position for a long time in his profession and he will get very good results. He will successfully complete all his responsibilities. He will get respect because of his acts. People will remember his success for a long time. He will get fruitful results in any project that he begins in this period.

2. Walking as the Supporting Activity in the Ruling Activity of the Birth-Bird - Janam Pakshi
If a person joins business in the ruling activity of the birth bird while the supporting activity is walking then he will get good results. Results of this period are not as good as the results of the ruling activity, but this time is also good for handling a new position.
If he holds his work and position in this period, then his property and comforts will increase. He will get prosperity and success because of his hard work and honesty.

3. Eating activity in the Ruling Activity of the Birth-Bird - Janam Pakshi
If the person handles new position when the birth-bird is busy in the eating activity then he will get medium results. He may face some problems regarding his job but he will handle the situation with his intellect. After this he will achieve success in his professional life at a steady pace. This is an optional period to join a new work because results of this period are not as good as the results of the ruling period.

4. Sleeping Activity in the Ruling Activity of the Birth-Bird - Janam Pakshi
When the birth bird is busy in the sleeping activity in the ruling activity then this position will be general. He will get good results after a lot of struggle. He may not take rest and enjoy comforts in this period due to work. This period is not good to handle any new position. Therefore if it is possible then postpone your plans for some time.

5. Birth Bird - Janam Pakshi is in the Dying Activity in the Ruling Activity
Results of this period are very inauspicious. This period is worst of all the periods. Therefore, he should wait to get a good opportunity. Otherwise he may face disgrace in business. Taking over some new projects may give him mental stress in this period or he may be accused by others without any reason. This time is not favorable to him. He should not perform any important or auspicious act in this period.



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