Role of Sixth House in Profession

The sixth house is one of the Trik houses. Sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are known as trik houses not considered auspicious in Vedic Astrology. They also influence the auspiciousness of the planets, and house lords which form a relationship with these houses.

Sixth house is the house of diseases, loans and services. The enemies of the person are also analyzed through this house. This house is also included in the Upchaya houses.

Sixth house is one of the Arth houses(second, sixth and tenth house). The aspect of Jupiter on this house does not create any scarcity of money for a person.

The person in a profession which requires manual or physical labor, such as a servant and a peon are analyzed through this house. The position of auspicious planets in this house makes the person affectionate and good at serving others.

Sixth House as Loan House
This house is the house of loan. Sometimes the person takes loans to fulfill his work responsibilities or to expand his business. This house helps analyze when will the person get his loan or will he be easily able to sanction his loan or not. If an auspicious planet is located in this house, the person may not face any obstacles in getting his loan.

If the lord of this house is affected by the malefic influence, the person may get health problems.

Inauspicious Planet in the Sixth House
If inauspicious planets are located in the sixth house, the person may face obstacles at the professional front. If Moon or Venus is present in this house, the person may work in the areas related to hospitals or hotels.

This house is the house of hospitals. The malefic Sun or Rahu may make the person a surgeon. Position of Moon in the debilitated sign increases the auspiciousness of the yoga created for the profession related to medical fields in the person's birth chart. Relationship of Moon with sixth house may give the person opportunity to serve in police or army. When this house forms a relationship with Saturn, the person gets success in the field of Judiciary.

Signs in the Sixth House
When the violent signs(1, 2, 8, 11 signs) are located in the sixth house or more than one planet are placed together in the nearest degrees, the person may get terminated from his job.

When Ketu and Saturn are located together in the nearest degrees in the sixth house then the person may face problem in retaining the job. According to some astrologers, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu create problems for the person at work. Moon in this house may make the person harsh in nature but he may not get easily influenced by anyone and has control on himself. The strength of Moon is also important to analyze while assessing the auspiciousness of Moon.

Malefic Mars in the Sixth House
When Mars is malefic in the birth-chart and forms a relationship with its own sign in the Ascendant, the person may honestly serve in the police department or may make money through immoral acts in the department.

Relationship of Mars and Moon in this house may make the person a surgeon.

Yogas for Success in the Profession of Law
When the sixth house, third house and ninth house are strong in the birth chart or Mars and Saturn form a relationship in any of these houses, the person achieves success in the field of law through his strength and courage. If Saturn is strong in this house, the person prefers to do a job rather than running a business. Saturn is the planet of job or service. When it is stable in the birth-chart, the person likes to do his work himself.



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