Use of Vedic Horary Astrology in Daily Life

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Vedic Horary Astrology is a unique and complete system in itself. This system has solutions to all the problems of a questioner. All his queries can be answered with the help of this system. Kendra houses are given prime importance in Vedic Horary Astrology . The questioner’s questions about a person or his problems can be easily answered by means of four kendra houses.
Prashna chart is considered as the complementary chart of the birth chart.

Importance of the Lord of Karak House
In Vedic Horary Astrology , ascendant lord, moon and the lord of the karak house are given more importance. In this system, kaarak means the lord of the house which is related to the asked question. For example: if the question is related to income or livelihood, the lord of tenth house will be the lord of kaarak house. If the question is related to children, the lord of the fifth house is the lord of the kaarak house. Similarly, in case of marriage, the seventh lord is the lord of the kaarak house.

Birth Chart and its Complementary Chart
Horary Chart is considered as the complementary chart of the birth chart. In astrology, birth chart is given prime importance. The prashna chart works as a complement and support for the birth chart. It is important to analyze both the charts to clearly understand a problem. Therefore, an astrologer should analyse the results of both the charts.

Special Use of Horary Birth Chart
It is true that the Horary Birth Chart complements birth chart but still there are some issues for which we can use only the prashna chart. You may not find answers to all your queries from the birth chart, for example: to know what will happen on the next date of the court case, you can seek the help of Horary Birth Chart which is not easy to find from the birth-chart. Birth chart is always the main chart but in such questions, the prashna chart is considered more important. Prashan kundali can easily tell you when and what will happen in your life.

Questions Related to Journey
Horary Birth Chart can easily predict about the health and position of the person during traveling. In these types of questions, birth-chart plays the role of complementary chart of the Prashna Chart. You can also know when will a person be back from his journey and what is his objective and whether he will succeed in it or not. You can also ask whether the person is happy or sad during his journey and he is safe or facing any problem.

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Questions Related to Lost Things
When a person loses his precious things, he wants to know whether he will get it back or not. He can clear all his doubts through Horary Birth Chart . Horary Birth Chart is appropriate for solving this problem whereas to find a solution of these problems from the birth chart is difficult.

Questions Related to Competitions
If a person asks a question related to winning or losing, for example who will win the match today, it can be resolved only through Horary Birth Chart . Horary Birth Chart is complete and detailed method of astrology. You can also seek its help to know about the future incidents of your life.

Questions Related to Health Problems or Diseases
Birth-chart helps the person to know about diseases and affected body parts. But whether the medicines given to the patient are suitable or not can be known only through Horary Birth Chart . Also, whether the doctor who is doing the treatment is capable or not can also be known through Horary Birth Chart . Horary Birth Chart also predicts whether the person will require an operation or will recover through medicines.

However, the birth chart should not be considered secondary to the Horary Birth Chart . Both are important and useful. The importance of Horary Birth Chart can be determined according to the questions asked by the questioner. In brief, Vedic Horary Astrology is more useful for resolving the problems of daily life.


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