How is Gajkesari Yoga Formed?

Gaj Kesari Yoga is one of the auspicious yogas in Vedic Astrology. This yoga is formed in the birth-chart when Jupiter is in Kendra, i.e.,Ascendant, fourth, seventh and tenth house from Moon. Jupiter is the karak planet of wealth, knowledge, fame, luck and children while Moon is the kaarak planet of heart, softness, mobility, happiness and prosperity.

Gaj Kesari Yoga is also analyzed from Ascendant in the Kendra house. This yoga is auspicious when formed in Kendra houses.

Formation of Gaj Kesari Yoga

Jupiter should be in Kendra from Moon
Jupiter should be in Kendra from the Ascendant.
In this yoga Jupiter should be in Kendra from the Ascendant or Moon. If Jupiter is aspected by auspicious planets it gives auspicious results. Rishi Parashar said that Jupiter should not be debilitated or in the enemy house.

If Jupiter is in the enemy house or debilitated and the Gaj Kesari Yoga is also created then the auspiciousness of this yoga may get affected. This yoga with this position of Jupiter is found in 20 to 33% of the people’s chart. Rishi Parashar says if Gaj Kesari Yoga is created, Jupiter should not be retrograde or aspected by any malefic planet in the chart.

Note: The position of Jupiter in Kendra from Moon is not so important.

Dhan Yoga and Gaj Yoga

Jupiter is the karak planet of money or wealth among all the planets. Moon is also known as cash money therefore it is said that when this yoga is auspicious it may give the person wealth and money as much and big as Elephant. Hence, this yoga gives the person a lot of opportunities to earn wealth.

Results of Gaj Kesari Yoga

Gaj (Elephant) Kesari (lion) both are powerful and influential animals. According to Rishi Parashar if this yoga is created in anyone’s chart he becomes capable, efficient, get all luxurious comforts and conveniences and occupies a higher position in his profession. This person may also be proficient in creative arts, arguments, debate and may be very intellectual.

Gaj is the epitome of intelligence and knowledge. Gaj or Elephant does not have pride on his tremendous capabilities. He knows how to use his abilities and strength wisely. This yoga gives the person sharp intellect and prosperity. This yoga also helps increase the longevity of the person.

Gaj Kesari Yoga created with the help of Venus and Mercury

Some believe that Gaj Kesari Yoga is also created when Venus is in Kendra from Moon. However it is considered that if Venus or Mercury is in Kendra from Moon it increases the auspiciousness of this yoga.

When the yoga created by Mercury, Jupiter or Venus from Moon is included in Gaj Kesari Yoga it is considered auspicious. However the impact of this yoga is not always auspicious or strong, it is found in the 90% of the people’s chart. Due to which it may not be counted among the auspicious yogas.

It has often seen that this yoga is not created when Venus is in Kendra from Moon. Both the signs of Venus make a Shadashak Yoga that means located in the sixth and eighth house from each other. In this situation if one sign of Venus is in Kendra and the other in a malefic house the Gaj Kesari Yoga may get canceled and become inauspicious.

In Gaj Kesari Yoga of Mercury, Moon has its aspect on Jupiter or Mercury. In that situation Moon has to be in the seventh house from both the planets only then Jupiter and Moon will be in Kendra from each other.



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  1. 20 December, 2012 04:58:51 PM Sree

    I am an aries ascendant born with Moon in 1st house(aries),Rahu in 2nd house(taurus),Sun and Venus in 4th house(Cancer),Mercury in 5th house(Leo),Mars and Saturn in 7th house(Libra),Ketu in 8th house(Scorpio) and Jupiter in 9th house(Sigatarrius), moon and jupiter are in trikon in my lagna chart which indiactes gaja kesari yoga, though my lagna lord in 7th house is exalted but it turned to be malefic because of Saturn conjunction, as my lagna lord strength gets weakened due to mars and saturn conjunction. Will gaj kesari yoga gets cancelled as my lagna lord mars weakened in 7th house or the malefic effect of Mars and saturn will vanish because of gaja kesari yoga.

  2. 30 November, 2012 02:30:09 PM RAKESH

    RAKESH SAINI DOB:-12/03/84 BIRTH PALACE:-CHURU(RAJASTHAN) TIME:-05:55 PMPL, tell i hv gaj kesari yoga and its effect CALL ME 09414967959

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    MY D.O.B. 26-06-1972, tenali, A.P. time 7.40 P.M. is there "gaj-kesar yoga" in my kundali ?

  5. 06 November, 2012 10:09:45 AM madhav

    tell me kindly sir will my gajkesari yog will work or not

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    i have jupiter along with moon in 6th house from ascadent. mercury in 11th house with shani from ascadent

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