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What is Panchak, Panchak tithis during 2010 and 2011Panchak means group of ‘Five’ (Panch). In every month, it is period of five days when Moon transits from Aquarius & Meen rashis respectively.

Dhanishtha (Last two parts), Shatbhisha, Purvabhadrapada, Utrabhadrapada and Revati are five Nakshatras principally four and a half Nakshatras are known as a Panchak. In other words the duration of placement of Moon in Aquarius or Pisces is known as Panchak. It is also called Dhanishtha Panchak. According to some people the person who is born in Dhanishtha Nakshatra of Panchak may be physically challenged. In some places, the first hald of Dhanishtha Nakshatra is considered inauspicious.

Five Prohibited Tasks during Panchak
There are fives tasks which are prohibited to perform during Panchak. Traveling in south direction, restoring fuel, funeral of body, building house and making bed are not considered auspicious to do during Panchak.
According to Astrology if you perform any task during these Nakshatras you may have to repeat it for five times.

Panchak according to Hindu Shastras
According to the famous vedic scripture of Astrology “Rajmartanda” collecting and restoring fuel, making bed, building roof of the house and traveling in south direction during Panchak increase the fear of fire (Pyrophobia) within the person. In the presence of Shatbhisha conflicts may occur in the native’s life, in Purvabhadrapada he may suffer from health diseases, in Utrabhadrapada he may have to pay fine and in Revati he may get economic loss.

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According to another famous text “Muhurtaganapati” foundation of pillars for marriage is also prohibited during the period of Panchak.
The text of “Jyotisagar” mentions that these tasks are also prohibited in the presence of Shravana Nakshatra. However many people do not agree with this opinion of “Jyotisagar”. “Niryasindhu” permits restoration of fuel in the presence of Shravana Nakshatra.

Rishi Garg believes that auspicious or inauspicious whatever task you may perform are repeated five times if you perform them during Panchak. If the person expires during the period of Panchak then make 4 or 5 dummies with flour or kusha and put them on the death bed. The dummies are also burnt precisely during the funeral of the body.

Period of Panchak 2010-11 in Hindu Panchang

Other prohibited Tasks during Panchak
Do not cut wood, break straws, travel in south direction, cure the effects of evil spirits, foundation of pillars, collect grass, bronze, brass, wood. Do not take retirement, resign, start business or accept higher position during this period. Also, do not build roof top of your house, make bed. If they are urgent then seek the advice of an expert or experienced astrologer or his help to cure the malefic influence of Panchak. Prohibited time for Panchak.

According to the spiritual text the auspicious events like Marriage, Mundan, entering to a new house, welcome of a new bride, construction of house and Upnayan sanskara are prohibited during this period . The Panchak Nakshatras are not considered during the festivals of Raksha Bandhan and Bhaiya dooj

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  • At 2010.08.16 15:24, tony said:

    A good and elaborately explained article, but speling mistake e.g. GHANISHTHA instead DHANISHTHA first confused me about the nakshatra name.This I think shoud be looked upon as at least ignorant people like me may not get confused or think otherwise.

    • At 2010.08.26 16:15, Bipin said:

      What do you mean by The Panchak Nakshatras are not considered during the festivals of Raksha Bandhan and Bhaiya dooj?

      • At 2010.10.17 02:02, charanjeet said:

        my baby was bourn in panchak yog what does this mean what kind of future will my baby hold and what is the kind of effect will tis yog hold on my family

        • At 2010.12.10 20:21, Manoj Nehru said:

          I am appointed as teacher in Kashmir but I am residing in Jammu. Now I want to know, can I Join my duty and travel from Jammu to Kashmir during panchak.

          • At 2011.02.04 14:29, Varsha said:

            I have had a significant conflict with my partner during Panchak – does this mean that we will have 4 more such conflicts?

            • At 2011.02.04 14:36, Dee said:

              Please explain what panchak is..

              • At 2012.03.18 21:28, neelam said:

                can a buy or sell property in panchak

                • At 2012.09.18 17:49, ramgopal said:

                  can we purchase plot or canwe perform puja

                  • At 2012.09.27 11:46, rajeev kumar goyal said:

                    it is unavoidable to get the roof of upper portion of my house built during these panchak period. what should i do ? kindly suggest the solution (upai) for it.

                    • At 2012.12.19 12:57, bharthi said:

                      my baby was born in panchak..wat does this mean..will this result in next 4 baby girls…pls tell me

                      • At 2012.12.19 13:00, bharthi said:

                        my baby was born in panchak(22 jun-2011)..wat does it mean..will this result in next 4 baby girls…? everybody is saying dis…is it true pls tell me

                        • At 2015.01.06 22:24, VAISHALI said:



                          • At 2015.03.01 23:52, sandeep said:

                            my baby was born in panchak(08-07-2012 jun-2011)..wat does it mean..will this result in next 4 baby girls…?

                            • At 2015.05.12 20:28, Anil said:

                              No its not true but u must have ur next baby minimum of three and half year after

                              • At 2015.07.13 21:53, rinku Kothari said:

                                My baby was born in panchak 13th may 2015, 7:25 am.. does it mean I will hav 4 more baby gal…

                              • At 2015.11.19 16:41, Rashi said:

                                I have resigned from my current job in panchank. What will be the remedy? Please help

                                • At 2015.12.19 08:23, Atul said:

                                  My baby was born in Panchak , what does it mean …????

                                  • At 2016.07.22 00:41, Kavitha said:

                                    My daughter was born on 29 May 1.10pm it was Panchak so is it tat I will again give birth to girl babies only Can’t I expect a boy baby??

                                    • At 2016.07.22 00:44, Kavitha said:

                                      I gave birth to my daughter on May 29 2016 1.10pm it was Panchak so will have girl babies again in future

                                      • At 2017.01.16 01:03, Monika said:

                                        My baby girl was borned on 13 jan 2016 in panchak..will i have 4 more girls in future ? Is there any chance of boy ??

                                        • At 2017.03.25 22:13, Sanjay Sharma said:

                                          I went to friend house because his son have death. I went to his house in panchak so pls no bad effect me

                                          • At 2017.06.20 23:02, kamal said:


                                            • At 2017.08.18 23:09, Pramila said:

                                              Meri beti 3 month ki Hoke god ke pass gai tab panchak tha 22 may 2017 6.45 am.

                                              • At 2017.08.18 23:10, Pramila said:

                                                To kuch vidi karni padegi kya. Aur next child ko kuch problem nahi hoga na.

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