Analysis on Din koota

Marriage is not some game of dolls, it is a relationship for a lifetime. It is the union of two souls and affiliation of two families. It is said that when a girl enters adulthood she should get married to a suitable man.

There is a tradition of matching birth-charts to find a suitable partner for a girl. This tradition is performed at the time when girl and boy meet in concern of their marriage, their ganas are matched before their marriage. By matching the Ganas of their birth-charts their compatibility, family and married life is assessed. Their economic status and other questions related to their marriage are also considered.

There is another Varga in beeskoota i.e. Din koota referred to match birth-charts. According to the rules of Astrology the period of one Nakshatra is 27 days. Moon covers a distance of one Nakshatra everyday, which is called Din Koota i.e. day of one Nakshatra.

Let us now acknowledge the method of matching birth-charts through Din Koota and its results:

In this method the Nakshatras of groom are counted from the Nakshatras of bride. Total 27 Nakshatras are divided into 3 series of 9 Nakshatras each.

This is the order followed in each frequency from one to nine nakshatras
  • 1. Death
  • 2. love
  • 3. Grief
  • 4. Happiness
  • 5. Sorrows
  • 6. Increase in income
  • 7. Diseases
  • 8. Children
  • 9. Friendly relationship.
When the birth-charts of bride and groom are matched through din koota, then predictions are made on the basis of distance between the Nakshatra of groom from the Nakshatra of bride. Suppose: the Nakshatra of girl is Rohini and of boy is Punarvasu, then the Nakshatra of groom will be fourth from the Nakshatra of bride, which is auspicious for their married life.

Some astrologers believe that predictions in Din Koota are also made by counting the Nakshatras of bride from the Nakshatras of groom. In this method Vipat and Vadh dhara are inauspicious in all the three frequencies. You can also make predictions in this koota by following this method: the Nakshatra of groom from the Nakshatra of bride or vice versa is counted, which is to be divided by 9. If the remaining number is even or 0, it is auspicious and if it is odd number it is inauspicious. If the 27th Nakshatra is located in a friendly sign it is very inauspicious. It is said about Din koota that if the planet is friendly or the Yoni is friendly, then inauspicious results in the birth-charts of the bride and groom can be cured.



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