Significance of Mercury and its influence on other planets


Mercury is a deciding factor in a person's destiny. Though Mercury is very small in size and stature, it plays a deciding role in shaping and reshaping life or the future of a person. The Effect of Mercury is such that one has to follow it in every path. Lucky are those who have the Effect of Mercury in their favor. Mercury's influence on the native is tremendous and strong.

Mercury has certain compositions. Like ‘Mandal Grahas’ according to the Parasara system, ‘Tara Grahas’ consist of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and ‘Chaya Grahas’ denote Nodes. Venus and Jupiter are benefic.

Moon is mediocre, as it is a malefic particularly on the full moon and in between. That is why the effect of the moon has to be decided proportionately. Mercury is said to be indifferent. Saturn, Sun and Mars are malefic. Rahu, Ketu are the shadowy planets. They represent the lords of the signs they occupy. Mercury is categorized as “indifferent”. Here, the basic study is regarding the very significance of Mercury and it’s influence on other planets.
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Nature of Planet Mercury
According to Jyotish Shastaras, the planet Mercury is very disciplined and intelligent. Usually, Mercury behaves in a very mature manner. Many a times, it behaves like a very rational entity. Mercury by nature is artistic. It’s nature is very receptive, and in most of the cases, cordial. Another interesting part is that it can be humorous, nervous, kind hearted and rational. Apart from that, Mercury is really an extrovert (vocal). By personality, Mercury is receptive and sociable. Not only it is analytical, but also professional in nature. It has a multi-faceted personality. Thus, this can easily adapt in any situation whatsoever.

When Mercury is Strong & Positive
On can find a great influence of Budha (Mercury) on the native. Under the good influence of Mercury, the person becomes highly intelligent, and able to discharge any given assignment on the fixed time. Under the influence of Budha a person becomes punctual in approach, and ever attentive.

More so, related to Mercury (Budha), a person also has the chance of receiving a higher education and the capability to take decisions on his own in a difficult situation. People favorably influenced by a strong Budha lead a highly intellectual life.

Mercury also imparts rational thoughts to the native, the person may also become an expert in his or her field. Persons under the Effect of Mercury (Budha) enter into all kinds of fields from medicine to sports, from engineering to teaching. Thanks to Mercury’s influence the person develops leadership qualities too. Once he makes a decision; he does that in a proper manner.

If the Effect of Mercury is very strong in a person, he/she is able to have a strong persuasive quality. This is very beneficial in any kind of work. By nature, under the Effect of Mercury (Budha), he believes in the business culture. Furthermore, he can take decisions on the spot. Others do not easily influence him. People in the influence of Mercury are very literary minded by nature.

He will carry their newness and innovation along with them wherever they go and surprise everybody with their sharp intellect. He may also try to solve the disputes of society, wherever he is living under Mercury’s influence on the native. Besides, one can never see him moving around and wasting his time.

When Mercury is weak and afflicted
Under the influence of weak and afflicted Mercury, an individual also becomes negative. And the negative part of his personality becomes dominant. The person may be talkative in nature. He might be ill tempered, sarcastic and, in many cases, never completes his education.

Further, a person born under the weak Effect of Mercury is not rational in his approach. He develops a lot of problems for himself and for society. He can become ungrateful and fraudulent. In many cases, the born person under weak Mercury becomes showy and non-reliable. Sometimes, you can find him intensely selfish.

Jupiter-Favorably placed
If Jupiter is placed favorably with respect to Mercury, it has many benefic influences on the person. He will be creative, committed, religious and mentally balanced. He will be highly educated and might be involved in research work. Thanks to the benefic effect of mercury, the person will also be optimistic and well behaved.

A favorably placed Jupiter also makes the person contemplative, sincere and responsible towards society. Such persons are great assets to society. They are useful and rational, and do their part in the development of society. Having association with these people is a matter of pride. The positive effect of Mercury is greatly enhanced due to Jupiter.

Such people work according to the needs of the hour. They are prudent enough to take decisions on the spot as and when required. They never keep anything incomplete or halfway done. They believe in complete perfection. They always stretch their hands to the needy. They cannot tolerate injustice being done to any innocent person. They are the people who believe in honesty and integrity. They are the ones whom you can rely upon.

Jupiter-unfavorably placed
If the Jupiter is unfavorably placed in respect to Mecury then the fate of the person is surrounded by difficulties. These kinds of persons are not well placed in society. They are insincere and unreliable by nature. They do not practice what they preach. They are biased in judgment. Sometimes, they cross all kinds of morale and ethics to please themselves. The effect of Mercury in such a horoscope becomes negative.

Venus-Favorably placed
If the planet Venus is favorably placed with respect to Mercury, the natives born are usually cultured and artistic minded. They are social and kind hearted. By nature, they are harmless and do not believe in creating problems for others. They always stretch their helping hands to the needy. They are nature lovers. They get pleasure when surrounded by nature. They firmly believe in peace and harmony in society and at home. They intensely believe that society should have a rightful place for one and all.

Venus–unfavorably placed
If the planet Venus is unfavorably placed in respect to Mercury then the Effect of Mercury is negative. The person may become mentally or physically unwell. He does not have a good foresight due to which he can face problems. He lacks stability. Moreover, his married life does not give him happiness. These individuals lack social respect and dignity.

Saturn-Favorably placed
Natives born under a favorably placed Saturn-Mercury are well placed in society. They are laborious and hard working. These persons are practical minded. They are optimistic in nature. They are endowed with positive thinking. One can always find such persons readily doing work for the benefit of society.

He always carries a vision. He carefully charts out his targets for life and works on them with precision. Persons under the Effect of Mercury never ever get distracted from the aim of their life. Their words match their actions. Persons under the Effect of Mercury always give fair judgment towards the betterment of a good cause. Such persons not only become successful in their life, but also turn to be a good source of inspiration for others.

Saturn-Unfavorably placed
If Saturn is unfavorably placed in respect to Mercury then the person develops a shaky personality. Most of the persons under this influence are of non-logical nature. They cannot see their life practically. They may also lack conviction.

Persons under the bad Effect of Mercury-Saturn are never able to show their presence in a healthy way. By nature, they are doubtful and pessimistic. Quite often, people of this nature lack faith in them.

Rahu – Unfavorably Placed
If the planet Mercury is placed unfavorably with respect to Rahu then the native faces tough conditions in life. They are poorly educated. They lack to draw attention of others. Mercury’s influence on the native on such persons is not favorable. People of such nature also lack rational faculty. Their memory and reasoning power is not up to the mark. They may be highly selfish by nature.

Ketu – Unfavorably Placed
Such people are unstable mentally. If the Effect of Mercury is not favorable, they become hard-hearted and lack human touch. They are antagonistic and abusive by nature, and lack social conviction. Under the effect of the Mercury, these people face tremendous problems in their married life. They are never happy with their families. People of this nature are always in haste. Wishful thinking is the part of their nature. These people are nothing, but the liability to society.



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