Cheshta Bala - the motional strength

Cheshta means motion. A planet’s cheshta bala is the strength which is obtained by the virtue of its movement. Sun’s cheshta bala is the ayan bala and Moon’s cheshta bala is the paksha bala. Like Sun and Moon other planets have their cheshta bala which comprises of 8 types of planetary motion. Basically there are 3 major types of motion viz, slow, normal and fast. Besides these planets are of retrograde, stationary and direct motions.

Retrograde motion
According to Vedic astrology the planets of retrograde motion are very powerful. These planets get the highest point of 60.

Planets perform 2 types of retrograde motion. The first one is mentioned above and the second is anuvakra. In this motion the planet enters the next house transiting with retrograde motion. Planets which have anuvakra motion get 50% of the highest value i.e. 30 points.

Stationary planets
Stationary planets are the planets which have fixed direction. This situation arrives When the motion of the planets switches from direct to retrograde or the vice versa. Stationary planets get 25% i.e. 15 points in cheshta bala. This motion is called vikal.

Direct motion
According to Hora astrology there are 5 types of direct motion. The first direct motion is called Mandatara. It is formed when a planet has slow motion. A slow planet gets 15 points.

The 2nd direct motion is called Manda. A planet’s motion is called Manda when it has normal speed. To maintain its tempo in particular direction the Manda planets get 30 points.

Sama is another direct motion. A planet’s motion is said to be normal when it moves at an average speed. Planets of this motion get 7.5 points. It is the weakest motion in cheshta bala.

Fast motion
When a planet is moving with a fast speed it has fast motion. Planets of fast motion receive 75% of the highest score i.e. 45 points. Atichara is a special fast motion which is formed while transition in to other sign at a fast motion. It gets 30 points.



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