Making Birth-chart with Estakalik (इष्टकालिक) sidereal time

In the new method of making birth-chart, Estakalik sidereal time is important to know for Estakalik Ascendant sign. Local mean time is also important to determine sidereal time. Standard time meridian of a country is important to consider local mean time. Longitude of any country is the standard time meridian of that country. For example, standard time meridian of India is 82º-30' (east) longitude.

If the difference of the standard time between the country and city in which a person is born is identified, then their degrees can also be determined. We can get minutes and seconds by multiplying these degrees by four. The difference of minutes and seconds will be the difference of country standard time and local mean time. We can consider this difference as the standard difference. We can determine the direction of birth-place from the longitude in the map. If the direction of the birth-place is in east, then the standard difference will be money (+) and if it is in west the result will be debit (-).

Five charts are important to consider pure sidereal time:
  • Tithi-month Sanskar chart
  • Year Sanskar chart
  • Longitude Sanskar chart
  • Time Sanskar chart
  • Ayanamsh sanskar chart

Pure sidereal time can be considered through this chart. After consideration of sidereal time, we should consider its Ascendant and for this, we need "Lagnarambh Sadhan" chart. Let us learn it with an example:

Suppose: A child is born on 10th April, 2004 at 11:30 a.m. in Delhi (I.S.T). Then consider the Ascendant sign according to the sidereal time of the child.



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