Blind Kundli in Lal Kitab and its Impact

In Lal Kitab, a blind kundli is a kundli which has an afflicted 10th house. Thus blind kundli has a direct link with the condition of the 10th house in it. Now let us discover what can be the reasons behind the affliction of the 10th house in a kundli.

As Capricorn is the significator of the 10th house in Lal Kitab, debilitated Jupiter makes the house afflicted. A kundli also becomes blind if the 10th house has 2 or more than 2 debilitated planets which are enemy of one another. Planets which are mutual opponents of one another are as follows;

Planet and its Enemy Planet

Sun -------------  Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
Moon ------------- Rahu, Ketu
Mars -------------Mercury, Ketu
Mercury -------------  Moon
Jupiter ------------- Mercury, Venus
Venus ------------- Sun, Moon, Rahu
Saturn ------------- Sun, Moon, Mars
Rahu ------------- Sun, Mars, Venus
Ketu ------------- Sun, Moon, Mars.

Thirdly, if the 4th house has an enemy planet and has a full aspect on the planet in 10th house then too a kundli becomes blind according to Lal Kitab. Astrologers say that a blind kundli is inauspicious for its natives. The native will face a lot of problems and failures. Only hard work and dedication can bring success to a native. So, it is better not to wait for the luck but work hard.

Lal Kitab astrologers provides remedy for blind kundali. The natives who have a blind kundli should serve up 10 blind people and then follow other remedies that are in Lal Kitab by which they can avoid the malefic impact of blind kundli in their lives.



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