Rudraksha is the Natural Source of Divine Power


Gouri-Shankar rudraksh

According to Indian astrology the Gouri-Shankar Rudraksh is good for natives born in pratipada Tithi. This Rudraksh is the embodiment of the power of its deities. This Rudraksh should be placed on safety lockers tied in a red cloth to get more wealth.

2 faced rudraksh
2 faced rudraksh is ideal for the natives of 2nd Tithi. It is the symbol of lord Shiva. It cures diseases and adds confidence to the personality. It curbs negative thinking and protects from evil spirits. The 2 faced rudraksh strengthens the financial stability. The native enjoys an amazing family life.

3 faced rudraksh
3 faced rudraksh is very auspicious for people born in the 3rd Tithi. Vedic astrology calls it the essence of fire. It has been proved effective for the natives of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The 3 faced rudraksh uplifts its natives to spiritual height and sharpens the mind. It works as a medicine for low blood pressure and pneumonia. It increases the intellect level and makes its wearer insightful.

4 faced rudraksh
4 faced rudraksh is meant for the natives born in the 4th Tithi. This rudraksh is the symbol of Lord Brahma. If a native wears a 4 faced rudraksh he or she is protected from criminal trials. A native’s memory power increases and he gets an excellent education. The 4 faced rudraksh is very effective while pursuing a special academic course or examination. It assures success and continuous gain, especially in educational field. People will be attracted by the personality if a native sports a 4 faced rudraksh. It makes the native wealthy and most importantly it works as a moral guard against unethical things.

5 faced rudraksh
5 faced or panchmukhi rudraksh is ideal for natives born in the 5th Tithi. It is the natural embodiment of kalagni Rudra. The panchmukhi rudraksh safeguards its natives from immoral practices and corrupt things. Vedic astrology has given it an important place because it is required in Mahamrityunjaya yajna. The panchmukhi rudraksh blesses its native with longevity.

6 faced rudraksh
According to astrology if you are born in the 6th Tithi then the 6 faced rudraksh is lucky for you. It represents the power of Lord Kartikeya. This rudraksh is effective for diminishing enemies. It protects from the sin of child feticide. Its possessor becomes wealthy and excels in business or service. Women get relief from genitals related problems by wearing this rudraksh. The 6 faced rudraksh cures epilepsy and other nerve diseases. For best results it should be worn in left arm.

7 faced rudraksh
People born in the 7th Tithi should wear 7 faced rudraksh for auspicious results. This is a very auspicious rudraksh as it symbolizes the 7 sages. It protects from the sin of gold theft. The natives of the 7 faced rudraksh are specially blessed by the goddess of fortune. The wearer of this rudraksh is honored in the society, becomes influential and owns land, home and automobile.

8 faced rudraksh
The 8 faced rudraksh is perfect for the people born in the 8th Tithi. It represents the power of Lord Ganesha. The wearer of this rudraksh receives the blessings of Lord Shiva. The 8 faced rudraksh gives intelligence and wisdom. One gets a long life and is protected from forgery, corruption etc.

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9 faced rudraksh
The 9 faced rudraksh is very auspicious for natives of 9th Tithi. This rudraksh symbolizes the power of goddess Durga. Its wearers are fearless and control their enemies. They are protected from all types of sins. They are achievers and enjoy whatever they wish for. The 9 faced rudraksh makes its wearer wealthy and makes his life beautiful. It gives a glow to the personality and the native is always cheerful and optimistic.

10 faced rudraksh
According to Hindu astrology the 10 faced rudraksh is the rudraksh of Lord Vishnu. It is auspicious for natives born in the 10th Tithi. Wearing a 10 faced rudraksh means receiving the graces of every planet. The natives who wear this rudraksh are protected from snake biting and evil spirits. It safeguards from accident. The natives are loved and honored from various sections of the society. It gives peace and mental satisfaction. It enhances happiness in family life and the wearers of this rudraksh are assured with wealth.

11 faced rudraksh
This rudraksh is effective for natives of 11th Tithi. Vedic astrology says that it is also a symbol of the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva. It gives success, fame and wealth to its wearer. The 11 faced rudraksh destroys the evils and obstacles in the life of its bearer. It also blesses with good children. Astrologers say that this rudraksh is useful especially for women, as it increases the life span of their husband. It offers happiness and prosperity to its wearers.

12 faced rudraksh
This rudraksh is favorable especially to the natives born in the 12th Tithi. The 12 faced rudraksh represents the total power of all gods. Astrologers say that a native is protected from the sins of theft and killing by wearing a 32 beaded rosary made of this rudraksh. It keeps its natives away from wild animals. It makes their life very smooth and wealthy.

13 faced rudraksh
Natives born in the 13th Tithi should wear 13 faced rudraksh for positive results in their life. It fulfils desires and is the symbol of Lord Indra. Its natives get success in chemical and metal related professions. They become wealthy and are blessed with talented children.

14 faced rudraksh
The 14 faced rudraksh is auspicious for people born in the 14th Tithi. This rudraksh is said to be made up of accumulated power of Lord Hanuman. The wearers are relieved from the Saturn’s affliction. Natives get rid of diseases and stay away from immoral practices.  This is very useful in doing away with enemies and thus having a hassle free life.

Single faced rudraksh
The single faced rudraksh is ideal for the natives born in Full and New Moon day. Astrology says that this rudraksh is the embodiment of the spirit of Lord Shiva. It is so powerful that it can even destroy the sin of Brahmahatya. The wearers of mono faced rudraksh have wisdom, loyalty and truthfulness in their character. They are established and loved in the society. Their every wish is fulfilled. According to Vedic astrologers if a mono faced rudraksh is kept in the worship room then it is provides immense happiness and ultimate moksh to its wearers.

Identification of Original Rudraksh
  • 1. Original rudraksh sinks whereas the fake rudraksh floats in water.
  • 2. Original rudraksh has uneven but not thorny surface whereas the fake ones have thorny surface.
  • 3. Real rudraksh has curves, hollows and lines in irregular places but the fake rudraksh      have these features at regular gaps.
  • 4. Original rudraksh will move away if it is pressed hard after placing it between 2 copper coins as it produces energy.
  • 5. The rudraksh which has clear images of Shivalinga, Moon and other deity symbols are false most of the time. The original rudraksh has slight images of the symbols of the deities.

Benefits of Wearing Rudraksh
  • 1. Rudraksh starts influencing a native with its power after 6 weeks.
  • 2. Rudraksh is a blessing for natives who suffer from high blood pressure and cardiac diseases.
  • 3. Rudraksh generates the kundalini power in its wearers.
  • 4. Rudraksh protects from immoral thinking, evil spirit and obstacles in life.
  • 5. Rudraksh gives longevity and protects its wearers from accident and early death.
  • 6. Rudraksh provides wealth and success.
  • 7. Rudraksh is very helpful for pregnant women as it relieves from maternal pain.
  • 8. Rudraksh generates wisdom and spiritualism in the personality of its bearers.
  • 9. It incorporates peace and natives get moksha.
  • 10.The wearers of Rudraksh receive the grace of Lord Shiva.



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    The word Rudraksha literally means the tears of Lord Shiva. In the physical form, rudraksha is the seed of the Elaecarpus ganitrus tree, which is commonly used for making Rudraksha Malas or Rosaries.