Natives Born in Krittika Nakshatra Stay Away from Love


Vedic astrology has given special importance to the 27 nakshatras. These nakshatras have immense control on the life and nature of the people born under them.

While predicting a native’s future, astrologers consider the ruling nakshatra besides other important factors. Nakshatras are not only used in predicting the future but they also reveal the personality of their natives.

In this article we will discuss about the nature and temperament of the people born under Krittika nakshatra (Kritika Nakshatra). According to Vedic astrology Sun is the lord of Kritika nakshatra, i.e. its natives will be influenced by Sun too. They will have a proud and bright personality.

They have a high self-esteem, who sometimes become aggressive. They are vivid, energetic and determined individuals. People are attracted to their ecstatic personality and resoluteness.
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Natives of Kritika Nakshatra (Krittika Nakshatra)  are sincere and are able to do any job perfectly. They are strict followers of principles. Astrologers say that natives of Kritika are successful in government jobs, especially in administrative department. That’s why the natives of Kritika opt for government or private service than business.

They have good physique. They take bold decisions and are the lead figure in their family. They are well established, wealthy and socially recognized figures.

Astrology considers the natives of kritika as the jacks of all trades. They excel in every field they connect with. Their strong and stout personality makes others follow them. Perhaps they believe in traditional norms.

They are natural leaders and have the ability to control their associates. For these reasons they don’t have a very large friend circle; but it is also a fact that the few friends they have are very special and loving to them. They are good to their friends and harsh to their enemies. They don’t accept failures in their life and try to defeat their enemies at any cost.

Their personality is mighty like Sun. They stay away from love affairs and casual relationships. The natives of kritika have few children, who also are talented and intelligent like them. They have a normal relationship with their wife.

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