How Week Days Influence Human Nature


A week has 7 days. Our birthdays fall on any of these week days. Indian astrologers say that a native’s birth week day has immense influence on his or her character. A native’s personality and temperament are very much influenced by the week day on which he or she is born. In this article we will discuss how the birth days impact one’s character.

Sunday as birth week day
Sunday is the first day of the week. This day is also known as the day of Sun god. People born on this day are brave, proud and have aggressive nature. They are full of energy and lead a powerful life. These people are clever and influence others with their personality. Sunday natives put their utmost effort when a difficult situation arises.

Mondays as birth week day
Monday is the 2nd day of the week. Monday as a birth day bestows some special qualities in the nature of a native.  People born on Monday are highly intelligent and soft spoken. They have a stable nature in both good and tough times. They bear a good fortune and receive acclamation and honor from government and society. Tuesdays as birth week day

Natives born on this week day have a complex mind. They don’t accept things easily and by default find faults in everything. These courageous people are fond of wars and fights. They stick to their opinions. They can resort to fighting and violence at times. A special trait of their nature is that they are very caring towards their relatives and close friends.
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Wednesdays as birth week day
Natives born on Wednesdays are very sweet and soft spoken. They are very interested in reading and writing. Astrology says that they are keen on writing and take it as their profession.  Natives of Wednesdays are born wealthy but they have a tendency of cheating people at times. Thursdays as birth week day
Thursday which is also known as ‘guruvaar’ is the 5th week day. Natives of this day are blessed with wealth and knowledge. As Jupiter is the significator of the day, the natives are fortunate to be very generous and conscientious. They have a knack for teaching profession. Natives of this day are honored in the society. They are good advisors.

Fridays as birth week day
Natives of this week day have inconsistent nature. They have their own principles of life and are experts in debating. According to astrology they are witty and have total belief in God. The natives of Fridays are wealthy and love to indulge in material satisfaction. They lead a happy and peaceful family life.

Saturdays as birth week day
The natives who are born on Saturdays have a tough nature. They are hard working and courageous in nature. They are tolerant and do not give up in adverse circumstances. These people are honest and serious. They are caring towards everybody.



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