Madhusarpish Yoga is the Inauspicious Combination of Week, Lunar Day and Nakshatra


In Vedic astrology the madhusarpish yoga is an inauspicious yoga formed by the combination of week, lunar day and nakshatra. The auspicious yogas become ineffective in giving positive results during madhusarpish yoga. The auspiciousness of favorable yogas is poisoned by this inauspicious combination of week, lunar day and nakshatra. That’s why this malefic combination is called madhusarpish yoga.

Let’s know how this yoga is formed and how it makes the auspicious Amritsiddhi yoga malefic by its negative impact.

The combination of hasta and Sundays creates the auspicious amritsiddhi yoga but if the 5th lunar day falls in this combination it transforms in to malefic madhusarpish yoga.

Mrigashira nakshatra and Mondays generate the auspicious amritsiddhi yoga but if the 6th lunar day combines with them it becomes the inauspicious madhusarpish yoga.
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The combination of 7th lunar day and Tuesdays with the transition of ashwini nakshatra makes this yoga.

The conjunction of Wednesdays and anuradha nakshatra on the 8th lunar day gives birth to madhusarpish yoga.

Kritika, Thursdays and 9th lunar day creates the madhusarpish yoga.

Transition of revati on the combination of Fridays and 10th lunar day makes this inauspicious yoga.

When rohini nakshatra falls on Saturdays combined with the 11th lunar day then this yoga is formed.

This is how the madhusarpish yoga makes the auspicious amritsiddhi yoga malefic. Astrology says that all good and important works should be avoided during the madhusarpish yoga.



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