Daily Predictions Through Horary astrology ( Prashna Jyotish)


Our ancestors said that everyday a rising Sun brings new hope and expectations. Without hope life is impossible. People pray to god early in the morning for making their day successful, to make their wishes fruitful.

Astrology says that auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of a day depends on the planetary positions of that day. A native’s happiness, sorrow, success, failure happens due to the planetary situations of a day. While determining the status of a day, astrologer first see the transition of Ascendant in the signs and predict how the day will be.

According to Horary astrology ( Prashna Jyotish) the Moon plays an important role in making a day auspicious and inauspicious. A native’s day will be favorable if the auspicious aspect of Moon is on the Ascendant or the lord of the Ascendant. Similarly, Moon’s inauspicious aspect on the Ascendant or the lord of the Ascendant may make a day unfruitful.
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For daily predictions astrologers finds the location of Moon in a sign and its tatva. Suppose Moon is transiting the Aries sign on Sunday, this day is auspicious because in Aries fire element is prominent and so it is in Sun, which is the lord of Sunday. Because of this common factor Aries and Sun are friendly and give positive results on that day.

For example suppose the day is Tuesday and Moon is transiting in Libra in which air element is prominent. Mars is the lord of Tuesday and is its element is fire. As fire and air elements are not a good match the day may be full of difficulties. In This way astrologers predict about other week days too.

Horary kundli is also very effective in determining the result of a journey. A native’s journey will be good and successful if the direction of the journey has Moon in the front. But if Moon is opposite of the direction of the journey, it may give negative results.

For example, a journey will be very auspicious if Moon is in Gemini sign and the direction of the journey is towards west whereas an eastward journey may not be so fruitful.



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