Planets in Leo Ascendant and their impact

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Leo-AscendantAscendant or the first house is often called the most important house of the kundali and the placement of planets in the ascendant has a special meaning for the person’s life. Let us find out what is the result of planets in Leo Ascendant.

Sun Placed in Leo Ascendant
Sun becomes a benefic planet when placed in the Ascendant. Sun in its own-sign makes the native virtuous, confident and intelligent. The person will get respect in the society due to his professional excellence and talent. He will make his best efforts in every part of life. He does not accept changes in his work easily. The native will be of kind and courageous nature. Sun in the 1st house has an aspect on Aquarius which is the sign of Saturn in the 7th house, due to this there may be conflicts in the married life and the person might not be blessed with supportive friends.

Moon Placed in Leo Ascendant
Moon is the lord of 12th house in the Kundli. During the Dasha period of Moon, it gives good as well as bad results . If Moon is placed in the Ascendant then the person may have an unsteady nature, his mind would be unstable and restless. He likes to help other people. He will be kind and benevolent. He may have loving and supportive parents. He may achieve success in politics.

The aspect of Moon on the Aquarius in the 7th house may create difficulties in the married life. If Moon has a combination with malefic planets then benefits of Moon might be affected, in this case doing the remedies of malefic Moon helps.

Mars Placed in Leo Ascendant
Mars is the benefic planet in the Kundli. It is the lord of 4th and 9th house. Mars makes a person courageous, bold and confident. The person may get money from more than one source. Mars aspects the 4th, 7th and 8th house, because of this conflicts may arise with the partners. It may also create fluctuations in the married life and the native may be affected by enemies. Due to this position of Mars the native may have children later in his life.

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Mercury Placed in Leo Ascendant
Mercury is the lord of 2nd and 11th house in the Kundli. The native might be rich if Mercury is placed in the Leo Ascendant. He will have an interest in arts. He may be frightened of his enemies. He loves his spouse but may not receive proper support from her. He might also have delayed progeny. If Mercury is in combination with the malefic planets then the beneficial results may be affected.

Jupiter Placed in Leo Ascendant
Jupiter is 5th and 8th lord in the Kundli when placed in the Leo Ascendant. Due to this, the native has a beautiful and attractive appearance and an influential voice. Jupiter makes the person intelligent and he will secure high education.

Due to the aspect of Jupiter on 5th, 7th and 9th house, he may have a kind nature, and knack for saving money. Being clever and intellectual helps him attain higher position. He may achieve success in job and in business too. He will earn respect in the society. He may receive happiness and support of his life partner and gain progeny. If Jupiter is in combination with the malefic planets then Jupiter will not be so fruitful in this case it is better to opt for remedies.

Venus Placed in Leo Ascendant
Venus is 3rd and 10th lord in the Kundli when in Leo Ascendant. It has malefic influence. The native will have a beautiful and charming personality. He will have a love for gathering luxuries. He may reap benefits from in-laws. Due to the aspect of Venus on the 7th house his expenses will be high. He may not have self control and may have an illegitimate relationship with another person which might cause economic imbalance in his life. If a benefic planet is placed in the 7th house or benefic planets aspect it then he will be devoted to his spouse.

Saturn Placed in Leo Ascendant
Saturn becomes lord of 6th and 7th house and is a malefic planet in the Kundli of Leo Ascendant, due to this, the native may be attracted towards bad society and may face defamation. Due to the aspect of Saturn on 3rd, 7th and 10th houses the person may be smart but may not have supportive friends. He may have difficulties with the life partner. He may be selfish and may covet the wealth of others. If benefic planets are in combination with Saturn or they aspect it then Saturn may become fruitful.

Rahu Placed in Leo Ascendant
Rahu is a malefic planet in the Kundli. Rahu in the first house reduces self confidence of a person, because of which he may have difficulties in decision making. He may have to try hard to earn respect. He has an interest in tantra-mantra and in the secret arts. Rahu of the 7th house aspect gives rise in politics but he might not get much help from his partners and friends. He may incur a loss in business and face difficulties because of women.

Ketu Placed in Leo Ascendant
Leo is the sign of Sun and Ketu has an enmity with Sun, which is why Ketu does not give good results when in Leo Ascendant. If Ketu is placed in the Ascendant then health related problems may occur. There may be fluctuations in health during the dasha period of Ketu. The person might not have much affection for parents. He may also have psychological problems. Conflicts may happen with the life partner and he/she may develop a physical or mental disorder.

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