Natives of Revati nakshatra are Honest and Amicable


Revati nakshatra
is the 27th i.e. the final nakshatra in the constellation. Astrology says Revathi nakshatra influences the nature and temperament of the natives born in it. Let’s see the impact of this nakshatra on its natives.

Mercury is the lord of Revathi nakshatra and Jupiter is the lord of its sign. Natives born in Revati nakshatra are influenced by their own and sign lords. Astrologers say that natives of Revati are honest and they never cheat anyone.
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The prime trait of their nature is that they stick to their principles and are very loyal and sincere in following them. Revati nakshatra natives hardly listen to other people’s suggestions. They are rigid in principles but have flexible personality. They are experts in convincing others and getting their work done. This feature of their nature takes them a step closer to success.

Natives born in this Revathi nakshatra are clever and alert. Their intelligence helps them achieve high level education and are able to complete a task very quickly. They can differentiate things very easily and are good moderators. They have a very attractive way of speaking. The natives of Revathi nakshatra are good friends and are known for their warm personality. They have an innate tendency to prosper in life.

It will not be an overstatement to say that Revati nakshatra makes its native honored and loved in the society. They succeed in maintaining a loving and peaceful status in the society. Astrology says that they have an inclination towards spiritualism. Their deep faith in God makes them more reputed in the society and they come closer to the people of high society.

The natives of Revathi nakshatra are interested in service. They acquire a respectable post in their job. In business also they are able to earn wealth and fame. Basically their monetary status is stable. The most beautiful feature is that the natives of Revathi nakshatra are optimistic and try to be happy and good in every condition. They lead a wonderful family life



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  1. 17 October, 2016 01:42:16 AM hubby

    my vvife revati nak,,, dhanu lagna meen rashi....cheated on me in an affair.....

  2. 09 July, 2016 12:05:28 AM Devi priya

    Am born on am searching for a job...can u plz tell me wen vl I get a job??

  3. 14 June, 2015 06:55:19 PM DIVAKAR


  4. 17 May, 2015 10:55:25 PM divya

    im born on 9/8/ im doing msc..iam in panic what to do next.How will be my career..???

  5. 15 October, 2014 09:46:07 AM Ganga

    till 50yrs,,, Rvathi star people have tough n non-peaceful life...sorry - Im Revathi star too,,..... but its fact

  6. 15 October, 2014 09:44:54 AM Ganga

    i m Revati, my wife Leo...vast diff in views n taste.....Yes be ready for problems....Life is miserable at times.....becareful and take care

  7. 08 September, 2014 11:02:43 PM Kavita

    I think this the best interpretation which I read on astrological websites...for purpose of our life and way to live it.

  8. 02 September, 2014 06:38:43 PM Santhosh

    My date of birth is 06/08/1985.. I want to know abt my marriage ..and if am married how will be my life with my partner. .

  9. 30 June, 2014 01:27:58 PM paul prabhu

    Am born on 8 01 1989 I am into meena rashi revatinakshatra tell mewat businesses will be suitable for my life I dont like working with others please give me correct answer

  10. 27 July, 2013 04:50:07 PM Himadri Sekhar Dey

    Dear SirMy DOB- 27/02/1971 at 23.03 hrsLost my job of 15 years on Feb2012. Continuing with a different job and searching for a better one.Child is going through a long medical treatment. Financially also having very tight situation.Please tell me when good time will come.