Placement of Planets in Aries Ascendant


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and its position in the ascendant influences the horoscope very strongly. The placement of planets in the ascendant also has a special meaning for the person. Let us find out what the placement of planets in the ascendant means,

Sun Placed in Aries Ascendant
Aries is the lord of the 5th house in the birth chart and Sun becomes benefic due to the lordship of a trine house. The native would be  beautiful, self confident and attractive even if he does get good education. He will be a bit obstinate and will remain firm on every opinion. Sometimes he may be involved in unfounded conflicts.

He may get support from his father but conflicts may occur with him in the later half of the life. His economic status would be good. If Sun is not affected by malefic planets then there is a possibility to get benefits from the government. The beneficial effect of Sun will bring him happiness from children. Due to the aspect of Sun on the Libra which is the sign of Venus and placed in the 7th house, he may get beautiful and supportive spouse but conflicts may sometimes occur in the married life.

Moon Placed in Aries Ascendant
Moon is the 4th lord in the birth chart of the Aries Ascendant. Due to its placement in the 1st house, the native would have a quiet and restless nature. He has a fertile imagination and desires to enjoy luxuries. He may get support from mother and may have property, land and own a house. He will be attracted towards nature and beauty.

He may be prone to cold, cough and chest related problems. The economic status will be good and he may get benefits from the government. Due to the aspect of Moon on Libra which is placed in the 7th house he may get a virtuous, artistic and supportive life partner.

Mars Placed in Aries Ascendant
Mars is the Ascendant lord and the 8th lord in the birth chart. Its auspicious position as the Ascendant lord reduces the malefic effect from its position as the 8th lord. The person would have a robust health and he will be a bit vehement and arrogant. He would be brave and courageous and these abilities will help him achieve his goals. Due to this, he will get respect and honor in the society. He would be kind to the disabled and the poor. He would have faith in religion.

Mars aspects the 4th, 7th and the 8th houses which brings him property and vehicles. There are possibilities of an accident and conflicts may occur with the life partner due to the malefic effect of Mars which influences happiness of the married life.

Mercury Placed in Aries Ascendant
Due to its lordship of the 3rd and 6th houses in the birth chart Mercury becomes a malefic planet for this ascendant. The native would be intelligent and well educated. He has an interest in studies and he may achieve success in the field of writing and arts. Conflicts may occur with relatives in the dasha period of Mercury. He may get stomach related problems, epilepsy, digestion related problems and amnesia. He may achieve success in business. Due to the aspect of mercury on the 7th house, he may have problems with his children and it affects the health of the life partner.
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Due to the aspect of Mercury on Libra in the 7th house, he may get a virtuous spouse and the married life would be average.

Jupiter Placed in Aries Ascendant
Jupiter is the 9th and the 12th lord in the birth chart. Its lordship of the 12th house makes it malefic, but it is not very malefic because it is also the lord of a trine. It makes the person clever and intelligent. He has an influential and radiant voice. Jupiter makes him respected in the society.

Jupiter aspects the 5th, 7th and the 9th houses which gives happiness from children and increases interest in religion. Due to the aspect of Jupiter on Libra which is the sign of an enemy planet, conflicts may occur with the spouse.

Venus Placed in Aries Ascendant
Venus is the 2nd and the 7th lord in the birth chart. Venus becomes malefic and causes suffering and illness in Aries Ascendant. The native would be beautiful but he may suffer from health related problems and he may have difficulties during the dasha period of Venus. He may have an unusual level of attraction towards the people of opposite gender and may face some difficulties due to this attraction. He may have a loss in wealth and he will have an interest in music and arts.

When Venus is placed in the 1st house, it aspects its exalted sign which is Libra. He will get a beautiful spouse who has a good sense of humor and he will have an affectionate relationship with her, but sometimes the married life would be influenced due to his bad habits.

Saturn Placed in Aries Ascendant
In the birth-chart of Aries ascendant Saturn is both malefic and benefic. Saturn becomes benefic because it is the lord of the 10th house and it becomes malefic because it is the lord of the 11th house. Due to this, the native would be thin, easy to anger and hard working. If he does not get just results for his work then he will be grossly dissatisfied.

He may face hurdles in work and economic status would be average. The Ascendant lord Saturn has a full aspect on the 3rd, 7th and 10th houses. Due to this, he might not be blessed with supportive friends and relatives. Instability may occur in job and business and conflicts may occur with the life partner. If Saturn is in combination with a benefic planets then it gives benefic results.

Rahu placed in Aries Ascendant
If Rahu is in the Ascendant in the birth chart of Aries Ascendant then the native has low self confidence and he may be disturbed due to stomach related problems. He will have an extraordinary amount of struggle in his life, and will achieve every professional goal after a lot of hard-work. He may have more success in a job than business. Rahu in the 1st house aspects Libra which is in the 7th house. Due to this, he might not get support from friends and partners. The spouse may have an unsound health, due to this, the happiness from married life would be affected.

Ketu Placed in Aries Ascendant
The person would be physically strong if Ketu is placed in the ascendant in the birth chart. Normally he would be healthy, courageous and confident. Due to this his enemies would be scared of him. He will get respect and fame in the society and he may achieve success in politics. He may get support from his mother but may face difficulties from the life partner and children.



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